Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall Bucket List and a little fall decor

Although I tried holding off until this weekend, I couldn't help myself. I gave in the other night. Its just too exciting. I decorated for fall!!
Not a ton but just a little! 
Hey, its very rare for my to have any free time at the house, I had to take advantage of my girls playing together allowing me to pull out some apple cider candles and a table runner!
I just love all the warm colors and sweet smells. Plus it takes me a long time to complete any home project with the girls so I have found doing a little here and there helps to get it done. With the new patio cover I have been thinking about fall decor, my Mom helped me big time by scorning a serving cart at an antique store she loves, I can't wait to see it and set up a little apple cider or hot cocoa station, thanks Mom! I don't have much money for anything new so I found some scrap wood in our garage and left over wall paint and just made a cute little sign to put on the patio:
I just painted the wood then took a black sharpie and wrote out autumn blessings, then took some craft paint and traced over it. Very simple and affordable.
If you follow along on this blog you may remember our summer bucket list. With my hubby being in the hospital the majority of the summer, a lot of it did not get done sadly. But a new season brings a new chance so I created a fall bucket list!
We are hoping for camp outs, football games, pumpkins, apple picking, Starbucks, pretty mums, chili night and warm coffee to warm the soul.
But seeing that its still hot and summer here in GA, the tomatoes are still delish! So I cooked up some caprese salad and bruscheeta, very yummy and good!
For me the mornings are the most stressful time, its a race every morning to try to get everyone ready and fight traffic to make it on time. But morning giggles make everything alright. Isn't she just the cutest?!
I can't remember if I shared this pic already, but I just love having a little extra time at night to play with Taylor. Nicole is in bed at 8 PM sharp, Taylor not so much. One night we went outside on the patio, just the 2 of us and had some cookies. It was perfect. I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!!


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