Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Celebrating 7 Years

My sweet Groom and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this year. Nothing extravagant but that was ok with us, with what we have gone through this summer, I was counting my blessings he was here to celebrate!
Here we are 7 years ago on our wedding day, it was a moment I will always remember! It was my dream wedding day to my best friend. We were surrounded by our family and friends and had a blast dancing! I felt so beautiful that day!
I ordered this new top from, I love the off the shoulder look! I paired it with a red skirt and black pumps. I think this shirt will work great in the fall too with some red pants.
 My wonderful in lawns offered to keep the girls overnight and we were overjoyed! While in ICU one of our favorite nurses, Patrice, told us her hubby owned an Italian restaurant and that is exactly where we went to celebrate.
It has a great outdoor patio with some twinkle lights, I can imagine it would be great on a fall night.
I loved the decor inside, very pretty and romantic!
Dining with no kids, what a treat!
We started out with some fresh bread and olive oil, YUM!
I could live off bread alone.
For our appetizer I had some chessey, garlic break and homemade Mariana sauce, fantastic!
Hubby got this meat, cheese, and olive tray, oh my it was great!!
Diving in!!
I had some manicotti  stuffed with tons of cheese, so good!
We were stuffed but pushed through for dessert. I ordered the chocolate chip cheesecake and it did not disappoint. I LOVE cheesecake!
Hubby got the devil's food cake and cream cheese, oh yeah!
We had a wonderful date night, I am so thankful for my sweet husband, he is an answered prayer in my life and the best Daddy ever!

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  1. Awwwww..... Happy Anniversary to Lindsey & Ron!! You were & are still the most beautiful bride this mom has ever seen!! xxoxx