Friday, August 12, 2016

Sunday Food Trucks, Yummy Food, & What I Wore

With school getting back around the Forsyth/Fulton County School Systems, our church had promotion Sunday to kick off the new school year, part of the kick off was some yummy food trucks waiting in the parking lot after church...FUN!!
We picked up some brisket, mac & cheese, baked beans, and BBQ tacos, it was very good!! And it has a sweet taste just like their name!
To cool off from the 90+ degree heat we picked up some Popsicles at King Of Pops, are favorite!!
We got 2 chocolate sea sales, one coconut lemongrass and another fresh GA peach, they were terrific as always!!
Its a lot of work getting us all ready for church but always worth it, we usually don't make it through an entire service without someone crying, but I am always thankful for our church family and friends we connect with.
Have you ever had a cheeseburger on french bread? Well you should, cause its SO good!! We picked up some burgers at Rae's this week in Roswell, he never disappoints, and its a great price!
Since I was up early Saturday with Nicole, dreaming of sleeping in, we went to Walmart first thing, she even had her pajamas on and was so cute! She smiles and laughs at everyone and never cried, SCORE for Mommy Shopper!
Hubby picked up some breakfast Saturday morning for us, looks like a restaurant, right? Nope, or local gas station! Can you believe that?!
My Mom told me about this salad, its from McDonald's and really good! Is got corn and a Santa Fe taste, it is a little spicy but still really good. A nice change from the cheeseburger combo I usually get. And they use Newman's Own Salad Dressing, very good. Have I ever mentioned my love for Paul Newman?! In my opinion he is THE MOST HANDSOME actor ever, those blue eyes...lets enjoy for a second..
Evey time I hear Eric Clapton's Its In The Way You Use It I picture Paul Newman and Tom Cruise playing pool in The Color of Money...NICE!
This is the most fun and comfortable dress I have, I got it from and LOVE the bright pink color and fringe are so much fun and I got tons of compliments from everyone. The back is unique too:
So much fun and really affordable, under $20!
I love the color of this mint green top from Walmart, the shirt is soft and comfy, I paired it with a black skirt and heels.
Another great find, a classic black and white look. Its a soft white blouse with a cute bow tie in the front!
It does not happen as much as I would like, but every once and a while I get to cuddle on the couch with my big girl and watch tv. Here we are while it was raining Sunday XOXO
Love this sticker on my Jimmy Johns freaky fast sandwich, isn't this so true?!


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