Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Simple Joys

I love weekends when you don't have much to do except exactly what you want! With football seasons just around the corner, I weekends will start getting a lot busier traveling to Athens, its a lot of fun, but its nice to be at home to! I was able to start pulling out boxes of fall decor from our playroom and made a big stack in the den. I am hoping to start decorated for fall soon, I can't wait! I will probably be in my flip flops! Maybe its the extreme heat or a stressful summer, but the thought of cooler weather, autumn colors, and cider smelling candles has me giddy for September! Plus the loves of my life celebrate September birthday's, I love party planning! But for now, its still sunny and hot in August and we are having fun and enjoying the simple joys!
If I have not said it before I should have, cause I really do have the best girl friends in the world. I have had so much support for years from all of them. Especially my other Mom friends who have been so kind in giving me TONS of cloths! Here is a super cute patchwork dress & the little girl is pretty cute herself!
As I mentioned above, both the girls have September birthday's around the corner so Saturday morning we had our family pictures taken with Lilly McGregory Photography! I can't wait to see the pictures and will share them ASAP. I usually get their pictures done every 6 months. The weather was hot but sunny and beautiful. Both girls did fantastic and no tears! And what a special treat to see one of our family pics on her display wall!
The girls wore these matching dresses from Target.com and I got them each an initial necklace, I thought they looked so cute! Taylor didn't wear her Paw Patrol slippers for the pictures, but kicked off her boots and put them on when we got home!
Since Taylor did so good we picked up some Chick fil a for lunch, have you tried their chocolate chip cookies, oh man are they yummy! Always warm and the chocolate melts in your mouth!
I have lots of spots in my house I am not too proud of, and one of them in our pantry. Its a big space but not very organized. I tried to tidey up a little when I was unloading groceries Saturday. I picked these small plastic crates up from Walmart for like $1 a piece, I labeled one salty snacks and one sweet snacks. It seems to save some box space by putting them in the crates. Lets see if I keep it this way!
Saturday night we ordered Mellow Mushroom for dinner, while waiting for Hubby to pick it up I snapped this picture outside the building. I just love the colors and design!
What's even better then the outside of Mellow Mushroom? The yummy food inside! We ordered a large Greek salad and this cheesy, garlic and olive french bread, I was in heaven!
If you have been to my house before you have probably noticed I don't have much of a green thumb. I usually pick up some flowers at Walmart on the weekend, the are cheap but sadly don't last long. So I picked up a bunch of these bright and beautiful artificial flowers and love them!! I don't know how long they will last outside but for now, they really pop!!
My little brother recently brought up the Krispy Kreme VS Dunkin Donuts debate on social media, people are very opinionated about what's best!! I love them both, in fact I love any donut! Hubby picked up some Dutch Monkey Donuts Sunday morning, they are unique and don't disappoint on taste. I tried the corn honey with butter donut, it was terrific. Almost like dessert corn bread! It deserved a picture on my Aunt Sarah's Noritake China, isn't it lovely?
Hubby could care less about china, he was focused on the salted caramel donut!!
My beautiful girls all ready for church!
They most have learned something good in church cause they were smiling and hugging XOXO
And then there are times when I try to get a good picture and big sister decides to aggravate little sister.
We are almost there everyone!!



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