Monday, August 15, 2016

Pizza Nachos & Lots of Laughs

Friday night Hubby was excited because while going to pick up a pizza he picked up some pizza nachos! I had never heard of these before but gave them a taste, they were pretty good!
I thought they had a little bit of a spicy taste but were similar to a thin crust pizza, all the regular pizza toppings but instead of a crust, it was nachos! We dipped them in marinara sauce and ranch dressing, although I would have liked a little more cheese!
Don't worry, this is not a picture of Daddy getting shot by Taylor, he's getting silly string on him! He loves to pick this up at the drugstore and take Taylor outside and spray it on each other!
Taylor loves to get Daddy covered in silly string, along with our grass!
What are those 2 doing? I was holding Nicole while she was looking on, one day she will be right in there spraying!
Speaking of Nicole, she seems to be feeling much better this week then last. Here she is cracking up clapping and laughing at Taylor!
Ok, now I am worn out
I saw the cutest little print on Instagram, it was a sign that said Lets Stay Home, I just loved it. So I was looking around the house to see if I could recreate it for no price. I used this chalkboard that was in our guest room and cleaned it off.
Then I just used some yellow chalk and looked at the print on my phone while I wrote it out, very easy!
I displayed it on the chest next to our stair case, I think it gives it a nice and homey feel, for cheap...SCORE!!

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