Friday, July 29, 2016

Bagels, simple joys and what I wore

There is a great bagel diner pretty close to our house called Bronx Bagels and boy is it good! It's always crowded but for good reason, they have a ton of different flavors and everyone we have tried has been great! Hubby picked up the everything bagel with lox and cream cheese:
As I have mentioned before I love all things olive and cheese and lucky me, that's just the kind of bagel Hubby picked up for me!
If you are in the Alpharetta/Cumming area check out BB's Bagels at:
770 McFarland Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004
I picked up these little joys at Walmart and they are SO good!! They are sweet and have that yummy caramel sea salt after taste, I have been munching on them while at work!
I am a little late on trying the new Starbucks drink, Coconut Milk Mocha Macchia, its great!! To me it had a strong coffee taste, but I still enjoyed the chocolate and caramel!
My family is a big fan of Oreo's, milks perfect cookie. I picked up these limited edition choco chip flavored ones and they were great!!
My Mom and Dad surprised me with this beautiful flower delivery to my office. They are always so thoughtful, the flowers are lovely and made my day!!
Hubby and I rented this movie and loved it, I love anything Jennifer Garner does and a lot of the film was made here in Atlanta. Don't be worried, it has a great and inspiring ending!
I called this picture Threeteen, I am sure judging by the diva sunglasses and arm pose you can understand why!
I have been really busy this week with Hubby in the hospital, there is not much time for anything other then work and the girls, which I hate! I think everyone needs some down time and last night I got the girls into bed, opening up some Edwards Lemon Pie and read my new People Magazine, AHHH!
Taylor has been very fashionable this week, check out her new Peppa Pig shirt from Walmart, OINK, OINK!
And what could be any better then Peppa? Paw Patrol!! The Skye is the limit!!
2 silly monkeys playing in a bed!
Embracing my kid side I ordered these cute red shorts and Mickey Mouse shirt from, they are very comfortable and make me happy. Perfect outfit in my opinion!
This is one of my all time favorite dresses from Target, I got it about 3 years ago when I saw it on The Small Things Blog and its held up great! I just love the neckline, its so elegant, I like to pull my hair back to show it off.
I have posted this bright yellow dress before from JC Penny, but this week I paired it with my long purple necklace and purple earrings.
This adorable and comfy dress just arrived this week from I found them on Instagram and they had a $10 off coupon, I thought this dress looked like a quilt! I love the cool colors and it smells good, like a bottle of Gain when I opened the package!
This biggest simple joy this week is my hubby finally had back surgery to hopefully help the terrible back pain he has been suffering from for a year and a half. The surgery was 4 hours long and he has been recovering for a week at the hospital. If all goes as he planned he should be released today. My prayer is this is the end of a long, hard chapter for our family and the start of a new, pain free one! It's finally FRIDAY!




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