Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Welcome to Summer Party

Last week in Georgia, it was that time of the year when students and teachers rejoice, last day of school!! I know so me people are excited and looking forward to a fun summer. Being a kid in summertime is priceless and I don't think you realize how special it is until you don't have it anymore! Although I no longer get a summer break with my job, I do get excited about less traffic and longer days with my family. Our daycare does a lot of fun stuff to fill hot summer days so the girls will have fun. To celebrate the start of summer I put together a little Welcome to Summer Party and we had a blast!
I picked up some cardboard and a big black marker from Walmart and made a bright sign that ready Welcome to Summer!!
I picked up a cheese pizza and bread sticks from Big Pie in the Sky, its right across from my office so I just stopped in on my way home from work. I am all about staying cool this time of the year, so I figured the coolest snowman around was Olaf! I picked up a tablecloth, plates, cups, Hawaiian punch, Triscuit and Easy Cheese. For dessert I got some pre made Rick Krispy Treats!
Table is ready to party, now we just need the girls!! I held Nicole and asked Taylor to walk outside, meanwhile my husband was hiding with some cans of silly string!!
Taylor wanted to spray me and her Dad, it was so much fun!!
You know Taylor and my husband wanted to make sure I got my share of silly string!
Once all the silly string cans were empty we enjoyed some yummy pizza!
Balloons added to the fun!
My baby girl was worn out from all the excitement, she just took a little cat nap while we played outside. It was a great night and a fun way to bring in a special time of year for my girls. I hope they will always look back on summer as a fun and carefree time, I can't wait to get our Summer Bucket List together soon!! Warm sunny days are ahead!

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