Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beautiful & Thoughtful Gifts

I have always loved getting gifts for my loved ones, I always try to make it as meaningful as I can & within my budget! I find girl gifts easier then boy gifts, I sometimes get stuck on what should I get Dad this year for Father's Day? But I could make a list of all the cute things I see for my Mom, Mom-in-love and girls, hello anything monogram! Like me, my Mom's always put a lot of thought into their gift giving so I wanted to share some beautiful gifts from this weekend.
Gigi gave the girls these beautiful picture frames containing their name. Each letter stands for something Biblical, its one of those gifts the girls will have forever, so lovely! It also contains their baby dedication date.
I hung Taylor's up above her Pink Pig picture board. You may also notice this beautiful carousal horse, not sure if I have shared this but it was mine when I was a little girl, YEARS ago. Mom got it at The Yellow Daisy Festival and its so unique! And no, its just for looks, you can't sit on it :-)
I hung up Nicole's picture right next to her door over her princess dress holder. The little decal's are removable so I can change them out when I need to.
My in laws got Nicole this cute set of prayer books and a cross necklace, the same one Taylor got when she was dedicated. Hope she learns to pray often, every day, she will need it!
I got Taylor this cute Peppa Pig card table, she loves anything with Peppa, plus it will be great for birthday parties, at $21 from, I thought it was a good deal!
My husband surprised me with a Lilly P gift card for Mother's Day and I was beyond excited! I've already ordered the dress from a Florida store and have been running to the mail box every day waiting for it, I can't wait to show it off!!
Although this is not a gift, its a great reminder I saw today. If you are a working Mom like me the week can become a huge blur of to-do lists, commutes, feeling like you are not fast enough for anyone at home or work, having something always to do, and feeling like how am I ever going to get this all done? I find myself waiting for the girls to get older so the daycare payments will ease up which will help us financially. But I also know these days are precious, at the end money doesn't matter, how much we have or owe doesn't matter, what matter's is soaking up every minute with my family and appreciating every part of this crazy busy life of parenthood!

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