Thursday, May 19, 2016

8 months and what I wore

My littlest angel Nicole turned 8 month old this week, when I tell people that they are usually surprised and respond, I can't believe it been 8 months, it seems like you just got back from maternity leave! I laugh because it does feel like 8 months to me! But its a good 8 months and I am so blessed to have the sweetest little girls. At 8 months Nicole as 4 teeth that I can see coming in, sits up by herself, rolls around on the ground like a rolly polly. I have a feeling she will be crawling soon! She wakes up with a smile, is ready for bed at 8 PM SHARP. She sleeps through the night most of the time, but has not done a full week yet. She can pick up objects, she loves juice, going for walks and is starting to watch TV. Her hair is dark brown with a slight curl, she likes to sleep with a blanket curled up at her face at night. Her eye lashes are long and dark and she is memorized my her big sister. What ever Taylor is doing, she is watching and has a great laugh. I had her at exactly 40 weeks to the day, I could have gone earlier but I wanted us to share the same birth date (not month). She does not like getting dressed after a bath! She has more hair then anyone else in her day care class from the pictures I see. Every time I see her I just want to kiss her chipmunk cheeks! I am lucky to be her Mommy and I pray I give her all the best that she deserves, 8 is great!

Walmart has a really cute selection of summer shorts right now, I have said before I am not really a short girl but so far I have picked up 2 of these cute shorts, they are so light weight and have an elastic waist. Plus the fringe at the bottom is precious. I got these red paisley ones and paired it with a navy shirt, I thought it would be great for Memorial Day and 4th of July, actually any time is a great time to wear the red, white and blue!!
I got this navy floral print dress at Target after Taylor was born and still love it. Its an empire cut which is great for my post-birth-8-month belly. The downside is its very low cut and sleeveless, not really good for the office. I put on a purple tank top and navy cardigan and it worked great. I mean, who doesn't love wearing a cardigan when its 80+ degrees, did you catch my sarcasm? Office dress code :-)
I got this comfy red dress at Walmart, its almost a silk fabric and very comfortable. A cute little tie around the waist and I paired it with my black jewelry showing my Bulldog spirit! Sad my Dawgs lost to Tech this week in Baseball, a real buzz kill:-(
When we had Taylor's 2 year old pictures taken we wore nave and red colors, they came out beautifully. This is the navy dress I wore and it still looks good, I got the dress and cute & soft cardigan from Target.
This was my favorite outfit this week, my new/old Lilly P dress I found on Ebay for around $30 which is a score for Lilly. Its an older print but so comfy. I paid it with my goldie sandals, flying through the week with Lilly XOXO
My man loves him some nachos. Just mention nachos and he smiles and he does them right. He can make a plate of nachos like no other, take a look at his dinner last night:

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  1. Happy 8 months Baby Nicole.... you are a joy & blessing and light up our life with your dancing eyes!