Monday, May 23, 2016

A Patio Update

Since becoming a Mom I have noticed something that I believe happens to all Mom's, you become way stronger then you ever thought you would be. It could be physically carrying and delivering a human, holding a crying baby all night long, lifting a car seat with a child in and out of a vehicle. Or the strength that comes from being up all night and having to report early to work and still make it through the day on no sleep, or being sick yourself but no time for a sick day, too much to do with people depending on you. Whatever strength you thought you had, I believe gets multiplied! So when I set my mind on a new project I got really excited. I have always wanted a screen in porch, and hopefully one day that will happen, but they are really expensive and not in our budget right now. So I was looking around for something to keep us shaded and still cute. I found a lot of ideas on Pineterest and with my Mom, created a cute little patio cover. When it came in the box, I was thinking, oh no what have I gotten myself into? But I used that Mom strength and my own Mom for help! Come take a tour!
The patio came delivered in this box from, it was around $200, not too bad but still, $200 is a lot if money for us! This thing was so heavy, it has lots of metal pieces, lifting it from the porch into the house you could hear me grunting!
Here is our patio before, I usually also have 2 trash cans out there so its a little smaller with them on it. It was trash day when I took this so the cans where on the street still. My husband has 2 grills, we have a glass table and 4 chairs I got from my Aunt Sarah and a fire pit I got last fall from Home Depot, I love having Spooky S'mores during October!
My Mom helped me take all the pieces outside and I spread them out on the grass, the instructions where only one page and each piece had a letter on it, they made it as easy as possible. The directions helped but the best thing I found was a You Tube video on how to put a very similar tent together. It gave me a good idea of what I needed to do and I just started!
Here is the basic frame, I got it all up some screws and pliers and the help of my Mom, she watched my girls the entire time. Doing any project with kids can be a challenge so this was the biggest help of all!
The reason I liked this tent so much and spent a little more then I wanted to for it was that it offered screens. I know it won't totally keep the bugs out but it sure helps! They zip open and tie back, like curtains. Notice my little helper? She likes the zippers!
Thanks to my Mom again, I picked some plants from Walmart lawn and garden. I got 2 palm like trees for some height, 2 ferns and 4 little flowers, I think they are annuals. The color really pops!
As I mentioned before I got a fire pit last fall from Home Depot, it doesn't get used that much but I don't want to get rid of it, what to do? My Mom put some ferns it in, GENIUS!!
When I ordered the tent, I got a new out door rug too, a neutral color to go with everything. I pulled out some beautiful deep yellow chair cushions Mom gave me and a floral bouquet from Lakeside Collection to put on the table. I also picked up a bug go away candle!
The entire project took about a half day, I started later in the afternoon and my Mom helped me until about 12 AM! She helped me put the top canopy on, string the lights and decorate. No way I could have done it with out her help! Sometimes in life, a project in front of you can seem overwhelming and you may think I can't do this, but it's not until you try, you realize the strength you have inside of you. The directions said it was a 4 MAN job, but 2 Mom's did it and its still standing! I will let you all know what happens when the first storm comes in! But I hope it inspires every one, especially my girls to never give up, you can do anything!

I purchased the tent from, its called Mainstays Cabin Garden House 10 ' x 10 '

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  1. I'm so proud of my "I can do anything I set my mind to - worker bee daughter"... you conquered your doubts & got in there & did it!! Your simple concrete slab is now an outdoor room, and envy of the neighborhood! PS: for security sake, I bought another set of the anchor weights for tents at Home Depot today!!