Thursday, May 5, 2016

What I wore & rainy day cuteness

April showers bring May flowers and we have been getting some rain these past couple of days. I strong shower came thru and I took Nicole out of the porch to listen to it, she liked it and was looking around everywhere!
I had a few minutes Sunday morning to paint my nails, I am really liking this new nail polish I got at Walmart, its a pretty lilac color and so far has not chipped that much!
The girls spring school pictures came in, I love them! I was a little bummed the photographers package only included one pose cause they had some really cute single poses, I could have got them for an arm and leg!! So I just got them one of them together :-)
Our den is covered in toys, in fact our entire house is! I have given up on trying to keep them cleaned up, its just how it is with little ones and I love it, cause its a real house that's not so Instagram worthy. But I saw this cute toy box online at and thought it would offer more storage for all the mess. Here is the before pic:
And thanks for my sweet hubby, here is the after pic:
This one does have a top that is kid finger friendly, it won't slam on their little hands. As you can see I have still got some cleaning up to do, but its an improvement. 
Free time is not happening a lot in my world, so when ever I get some I make sure its something I really love and makes me happy. I have been reading this cute book on manners and have been laughing at every chapter!! I saw it on one of my favorite blogs and I think the author is a true Southern girl. My favorite so far is work place etiquette. Man, could I go on about that!! Hello curiosity flush. No one wants to hear your lunch effects. Is that fireworks going off for the 4th of July? Nope, someone is in the restroom.
I am not a big time shorts girl, I wear them for night time and going on a walk, but not much more. I saw these cute ones at Walmart, I just loved the little detail at the bottom and the waist band is elastic...SCORE! I thought it would look good for Bulldog games to!
I've had this floral print top for a few years, I got it from 10Dollar Mall along with the necklace. Its comfy and I love the flower/strip combo. I paired it with my red skirt and Target heels.
Going on a safari? This is what I might wear. Instead I was just going to the concrete jungle of work! It's a Walmart dress too and really comfy! I wore a brown tank top and sandals with it, light and airy!
Last week I was so focused on the 16 million dollar bong hit I totally missed Ezekiel Elliott's crop top!! Check out those abs, I am envious!

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