Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Baby D & Mother's Day

Sunday was a day filled with lots of celebrating, we had Nicole's baby dedication at church and we also celebrated Mother's Day with a yummy lunch. It was really busy but a lot of fun! Our church had a wonderful breakfast set up for all the families doing baby dedication. Each table had a beautiful tablescape. We were asked to list 5 traits we want Nicole to have, ours were: a kind heart, grateful, loyal to her family & friends, treat others the way she wants to be treated and smart about choices she makes with her head & heart. They are also listed below:
Each table was beautifully decorated with pink, gold and white. The church also gave the parents and babies a book, so thoughtful!
Along with my parents and brother, my in laws, sister in law, niece and nephew joined us. These 2 cuties are only days apart!
While we ate a breakfast of sausage casserole, cinnamon rolls, juice and coffee, Pastor Cass gave a great speech about parenting and a jar of 18 marbles. Its a reminder of the time we have with our little ones and to make the most of every day, a great message for us all!
Since the breakfast ended early we took the opportunity to take some Mother's Day pictures, with 4 kids you can imagine how stress free that was!
My MIL, I scored the jack pot with her, she is awesome!
With 3/4 of her grand babies!
This picture may look like 2 Mom's and 2 Babies but to me its so much more. My sweet friend Alicia was one of the first close friends I made at our church when we started. She has been by my side encouraging me through dark times and I hope I have done the same for her. Her sweet son, her first boy of 3 girls already was born with some heart problems. They have gone through so many surgeries and worry but the great news is he is doing fantastic now and getting so big!! Love this sweet family!
If there was anyone in the world that I admire the most and want to be like its my sweet Mom. She is the most selfless and loving person I know of. I can tell her anything, do anything and she has & will always support me. Plus she is a fantastic Gigi to the girls, she is a true blessing in my life XOXO
Group picture of all the sweet Mom's and babies!!
I've never been one for standing in front of big crowds, I break out in a huge sweat and get nervous and boy was I sweating on this one! Taylor had a hard time, she decided to PICK her Dad's nose and I was thinking, don't trip walking down the stairs! But everything went ok, we had a sweet prayer and we were off to eat some lunch!
What could be better and more girly then Swan House?!  If you live in Atlanta this is a most go to! I have been to many showers there and its southern and yummy! We had chicken salad sandwiches, pimento cheese, zucchini muffins, cheese straws and shrimp salad. We also picked up some Chick Fil A nuggets for the kids, and my brother!
Chick Fil A at the Peppa Pig table, Taylor was in heaven!
Uncle G was a huge help for me this weekend, from playing with the girls and helping me carry 1,000 bags, he is awesome!
I picked up some vanilla cupcakes from Publix and sprinkled some purple on them, I also got this cute cupcake holder from Walmart.com.
It was a lovely day celebrating my baby girl, I appreciate all my family being there to support us through this journey. God truly blessed me with my girls and I hope I do Him proud.
I ordered this print from Etsy, I love the color and the message :-)
And last, there is no better way to show what being a Mom is all about then this pic!!

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  1. Nothing more special than seeing your children dedicating their children to a Christian way of life... thank you for being an awesome mom, preparing the sweetest "girly" lunch ever! Kind hearted, grateful & loyal... my daughter ~ I love you with all my heart!