Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New ways to eat the same old food

Anyone who has small kids knows they can be very picky eaters. My daughter Taylor could drink chocolate milk all day and never eat a thing, except a cupcakes! I am not very hard on what she eats, but I do try do give her some fruits when I can. A really informative blog I like called Two Twenty One posted some kid friendly meals and I tried one this weekend. It was very affordable and yummy! A new take on ham & cheese sammies!
I picked up some flour tortillas, veggie cream cheese and honey ham. Simply spread your cream cheese across the tortilla and then add some slices of ham on top. Roll the totilla up and slice for pin wheels!
And of coarse Goldfish, a favorite for everyone no matter how old! I may have mentioned before but the bottom part of our oven has been broke and we have not had to extra money yet to fix it so we are getting creative. Baked potato bars are so good, I love all the toppings from sour cream to cheese. But they can take a really long time to cook. So if you have the time and not the oven, my trusty Crock Pot did the trick!! 
I never even thought about this until I saw it on a blog. We put some butter and salt on top of the potatoes, wrapped them up, cooked on low for 8 hours and they were great! Steaming hot and soft in the middle with a puddle of butter...YUM!
I know it looks strange, but I love olives on my potatoes!! And a juicy slice of watermelon!!
I picked this mini watermelon up at Walmart, no seeds and very sweet, YUM, YUM!

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