Monday, May 16, 2016

Peter Pan Movie Night

I hope everyone had a fun & relaxing weekend! Can you believe its the start of another week already? We watched Peter Pan and had a great time! I created some fun & easy treats and Taylor seemed to enjoy most of the movie, especially the part where they learn to fly. I wish I could fly, especially over traffic :-) Here is what we snacked on!
With just some cheese slices and apple's I made some little boats like Captain Hook rode on. I just stuck a toothpick in to connect them (be careful with toothpicks and little ones!).
For our next treat I used tome ice cream cones to make teepee's like the Indians lived it. I picked up some icing and used pretzel sticks as the twigs, simple and crunchy!
I ordered the Peter Pan DVD and Tinkerbell doll from Ebay, each about $8 bucks...SCORE!
My favorite part of movie night was seeing Taylor trying to fly, such a great message, never grow up!!

"Never say good bye because saying good bye means going away and going away means forgetting."-Peter Pan

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