Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Simple Joys

Half way on our way to a long weekend here at work and I am excited!! I know everybody is looking forward to a nice break, hopefully the weather will continue to be pretty for any plans you have. As long as I can score a little more sleep, I am ok with any type of weather! After putting up the big tent last weekend I treated myself and hubby to the new Waffle Cone Frappacino at Starbucks and it was awesome! Even better then the s'mores flavor I mentioned last week! Tons of yummy caramel and waffle cone pieces, delicious!
Last spring we were looking for some flowers to plant along side out house, its really long and to buy flowers that had already bloomed were out of our budget, so I purchased lots of seeds for Forget Me Not's and they have really come out! I just love the blue color, I hope to pick up some more seeds at the store and really fill it out!
Here at work we love picking up BBQ once a week from Spice Right, I tried the turkey and it was great, but what was even better was the banana pudding! And they didn't short me either, they filled it up with pudding, cool whip and chocolate chips, I was in heaven!
My hubby came home and the first think he said was, I want fried chicken! So he took Taylor and got some Publix fried chicken, it was great! There is just something comforting about friend chicken.
My sweet Nicole knows how to enjoy the warm weather with a little cat nap. Feeling the sun on your face and a cool breeze, perfect nap weather!
 As any parents know who use formula to feed their babies, it's not cheap!! Boy, for a little bottle it sure will cost you. I am counting down the months until September when Nicole can start drinking milk, hoping to have a little more jingle in my wallet! But until then I found this cute chalkboard jar at Home Goods, I figured if I am going to use so much formula I may as well put it in something cute!
 I get it honest, but I just love anything monogrammed, my Mom is the same way! Since I am at work the majority of my day I try to make my desk as cute and welcoming as possible. I have lots of pictures and inspiration quotes. I ordered this sparkly notebook from Etsy along with the beautiful pen from Dixie Delights, its the little things!
When my Mom came to stay with me last weekend I wanted to treat her to some of the best donuts around. I picked up an assortment of Dutch Monkey Donuts and we all enjoyed! I got salted caramel, not samoas, chocolate raspberry Nutella and a sprinkle one for Taylor, YUM! And their restaruant is super cute!
 My favorite singer for so long has been Celine Dion, I just love all her music, her voice, her positive attitude and how friendly and non diva she seems. I have followed her career and even got to see her in concert, it was fantastic of coarse. Maybe one day I will see her in Las Vegas. But as the world knows she lost her beloved husband this January after a long battle with throat cancer. She was his care taker along with being a Mom and working. Her first TV performance since Renee passed was Sunday on the Billboard Music Awards, she performed Queen's The Show Most Go On. I can't even describe how good I thought she did. She is such a great role model and inspiration, even through life's hard times, GO CELINE!!!

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  1. Love those Dutch Monkey Donuts.... best I ever had!!