Thursday, May 12, 2016

Simple joys and what I wore

Any one with young kids, old kids, no kids or a job knows how important caffeine can be! With babies that don't always sleep through the night or having an early wake up call, most everyone I know starts their day off with some type of kick me up. I usually don't have time to stop by anywhere on my way into work, but last week traffic was pretty light and I was early so I thought, I will pull into McDonald's and get a caramel frappe, they are so good and cheap (compared to Starbucks), but when I pulled in the line was forever long. So I did the next best thing, I pulled into Walmart and picked up a Starbucks Frappacino, you know the ones already made in the glass bottles. For $3 bucks it was perfect, I got some ice and enjoyed it in my favorite Lilly P cup, a good way to start off the morning :-)
 The May weather is perfect right now, especially for an evening walk after work. Nicole and I love to stroll around the neighborhood, I have started jogging to, but, its not pretty and I am SO slow. But at least I am trying :-) Nicole also likes to take a little snooze while I do all the heavy pushing! But here she is bright eyed and happy outside!
For as long as I can remember I have loved records, the sound they make and the big album covers, I love them. My Dad let me have all his records and I love them, I have had them for a couple of years along with a record player. My record player can take you from the 70's vinyl, to 80's cassette tapes , to 90's CD's. Its great and one of my favorite items to show off when people come to visit. Sunday my FIL and I listened to some Aretha!
I ordered this cute cross garland for Nicole's Baby D party from Etsy, I just love that entire website!
While at Walmart this weekend I picked up this new Pioneer Woman mug, I think its so lovely! I love the color's and big size of it. There is just something cozy about using your favorite mug in the morning!
If anyone ever asked my favorite time of the day I would defiantly say evening. Its the time to unwind and relax from the busy day. Its also a time to get into my comfy cloths and I just love these Disney Princess pajamas from Target!
I call this my peacock dress for obvious reasons! Its super cute and has an elastic waist, I got it from Walmart a while ago and still wear it.
Someone at work said they didn't recognize me when I wore this dress cause it was neutral colors, that made me laugh! It's a comfy stripped maxi dress from Forever 21 and I paired it with a cute, long vest.
And my favorite so far, my new Lilly P dress I got for Mother's Day, I just love it!! It's the pineapple of my eye!!

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