Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Girl's Bathroom

One of my favorite part of reading blogs and getting to see home tour's, I love them! Especially during the Halloween-Christmas season. It's a way to go inside other people's homes, see their style and become inspired with out having to travel anywhere! There are so many great ideas on the web today, I thought I would share some rooms in my home. Although they are not new, we have been there for 3 years now, I loved decorated them and continue to change things up as we grow. The first room I wanted to share if my girls bathroom, it's what some call a Jack & Jill style, meaning it has 2 doors, accessible by 2 bedrooms with 2 sinks. When I decorated it Taylor was still a baby so I tried as much as I could to go gender neutral in case we had another kid. Please let me say this room has no natural light and tons of corners, so my pictures are not Instagram worthy, but I did my best!
I took this picture because its one of my favorite tips I saw on the web, I purchased these really cheap laundry garment bag at Walmart, for like $2 bucks, with some Command Hooks I created a bath toy storage that lets all the toys dry out after being played with. Great tip! And I must say, my tub or anything in my house DOES NOT SPARKLE! It's like not even clean, I mean who has time for that?! This is just an effect from my phone app time make it prettier, just want to be honest here :-)
Since Nicole arrived I knew I could girl up the bathroom some more, what is more girly then mermaids? I use to love to pretend I was a mermaid during bath time and I had a mermaid doll I loved to play with. So when I saw this wooden sign from Pottery Barn Kids, I thought it wold be great to fill in that space between the shower (my husband says its impossible for me to not hang something up on a blank space and I agree with him). If you look closely you can see the Splish, Splash white decal I got from Etsy, its got some bubble around it!
Right next to the shower is this barley-hanging-on towel rack, I hope one day to get it replaced but for now its what I have to work with. And besides my girls don't use it, they prefer the floor as their towel rack :-) I also found this cute Bath sign from Etsy, love that little duckie!
This frame is hanging over the toilet, I love it cause it cost me next to nothing and the colors are bright and cheerful. It was an old frame from my Aunt Sarah's, it was gold and I just got some craft paint from Michael's and gave it new life. I also had some left over wrapping paper I covered the old picture with. I did the same thing with the smaller pink frame and put in one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
I found this little flower pot holder and artificial flowers at Michaels when they had their summer stuff out, love the bright colors. I also painted a 5 x 7 brown frame from Walmart pink and printed off this little So Fresh & So Clean (keeping up the GA roots with some Outkast).
I ordered these 5 x 7 printable's from an Etsy shop, the were already printed out and I purchased some wood frames and craft paint at Michael's. Pretty cheap to paint them and then I hot glued the print's on the back. Just some cute reminders to hang your towel & brush your teeth.
This is kind of an awkward picture but I trying to caption what the girls sink area looks like. Are you loving the big make up fixtures? Maybe one day I will get them replaced for something a little softer. At first I was not crazy about the wall in between the sinks but I have grown to like it. It offers another plant to hang towels which with 2 girls, I am going to need as more storage as I can get. I purchased the wooden hooks in all different colors from Etsy, along with 4 different colored bat towels, each of them monogrammed. I found another mermaid sign on Etsy that says "Sometimes being a sister is better then being a Mermaid." On each of their doors I hung some more storage hangers from Pottery Barn Kids, each monogrammed. Behind the pink storage container is a linen closet. True story, my husband didn't even realize it was back there until 2 years living at the house. He said, "did you know there is a closet in the girls bathroom?!" This just shows you who does the laundry at this house....MOM. In between the 2 walls is another favorite quote I hope my girls read every day "Always remember you are braver then you believe, stronger then you seem and smarter then you think and loved more then you know."
Here is a great Bible verse about true beauty, I hung this over the mirror XOXO
I got each girl a step stool with their name on it, they need help reaching the sink right now and I got these orange rugs from JC Penny online. I have not done anything yet with their cabinets, but as they get more beauty items I think I will pick up some dollar store buckets to help keep them organized and separated.
You have probably seen this trick done all over Pinterest cause its so great! I got this cute pink over the door shoe organizer from Walmart.com, under $20 and it store everything from sunscreen to nail clippers. A great storage option for small bathrooms!
I based my wall paint color from this cute green animal shower curtain I got from Macy's, it was the first item I got for this bathroom and based everything from it. I thought animals was a good theme for girls or boys. The set even came with some cute accessories like this hippo soap dispenser. I hope you enjoyed this little tour! As a girl, I know we spend a lot of time in the bathroom so I think its important to decorate it to a space you love!

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