Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Teacher Appreciation and simply joys

I could never say thank you enough to the teachers at my girls daycare center who love and take care of them everyday. Work days are long and with an added commute my girls spend up to 9-10 a day at school. Knowing they like and get excited to see the teachers everyday makes it easier on my guilty heart. I worked in a daycare during my high school and college years, I know what they put up with and what they get paid, believe me, its not enough but they do cause of their big hearts. So with teacher appreciation week and a limited budget for 4 teachers here is what I came up with after I saw a similar idea on Instagram:
I picked up some soda POP, POP corn and bought some Redbox gift cards to create a Movie Night! I printed off a cute printable that said You are So POPular and I signed the girls names on them. I picked up some gift bags, all total was about $30, not to bad for 4 gifts!! Thank you to all the sweet teachers!
Taylor loves her some chicken nuggets, but who doesn't?! I remember growing up I loved when my Mom got us a Kid Cuisine, it was a treat! I get Taylor some and found a new box and color, PINK! It's a special Hello Kitty version and Taylor loved it!
Saturday's are Chick Fil A day at my house, it always seems to be my go to place for lunch on the go and Taylor likes it to! It's the fastest drive thru I know of and the service with a smile is a big plus, such a great, family friendly place!
Starburst candy must have read my mind, the finally created a bag with just pink and purple, YES!!
My husband's back was hurting a lot Sunday morning so I took the girls to church solo and we actually did ok. Taylor made it for about 45 min until we had to leave church, for a 3 year old I was impressed. So glad I packed all those gummy bears!! Her Sunday Smile :-)
What weekend is complete with out yummy donuts?! We have a local donut shop called Dutch Monkey and its so good! The baker/owner has even been on Food Network. My hubby picked up an assortment for breakfast, hands down favorite is the salted caramel...YUM!
My sweet friend at church gave me a bag of cloths her girls have outgrown and I was thrilled, how cute is Nicole is this little strawberry outfit?!
Some of our distributors came by the office this week and had lunch with us. Lucky me it was catered by my favorite little restaurant Fancy Pantry, its near to my heart because its how I met my hubby. Their food is all fresh made and delish! I enjoyed a yummy apple walnut salad, mushroom sandwich, club sandwich, fresh strawberry lemonade and a red velvet cupcake filled with cream cheese, I was a happy gal!
And just when I thought I had eaten too much we had some Mia's Italian for dinner! The ravioli was good but the bread, swimming in butter and garlic, so GOOD!! I love Italian food!


  1. The Dutch Monkey AND The Fancy Pantry.... now THAT is a week of goooooood food!!

  2. The Dutch Monkey AND The Fancy Pantry.... now THAT is a week of goooooood food!!