Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Simple Joys

It feels like this work week has been hit hard with meetings, I usually don't mind meetings and they can be helpful but when they last 4 plus hours, it can be a bit much! I get to feeling more overwhelmed and the feeling that I will never catch up, so finding little joys in the day really help lift my spirits. I tried some new things I wanted to share to!
I am LOVING these new Coke cans with songs on them, especially this patriotic one! Proud to be an American everyday & I just love that Lee Greenwood song, as a GA peach I always associate it with the Stone Mountain Laser Show. Lee also sings one of the most beautiful & sad songs I love called It Turns Me Inside Out, man every time I hear it on the radio I turn it up.

One of my favorite blogs, The Small Things, did a recent drugstore make up post, it was great because the majority of my make up comes from the drugstore. She recommended this Maybelline Master Contour and did a tutorial on how to apply it. I have really never used a contour powder before so I picked this up from Walmart and gave it a try, I really liked it! I was afraid the darker powder would be way to dark for my fair skin, but it gave it a nice sun kissed look. I hope to improve my contouring skills as I go on!
I've been reading good things about Starbucks S'mores Frappucino and I most say, they were right! The weekends are made for Starbucks so I picked up this new flavor and enjoyed every sip, you need to try it if you have not, its so good!!

Although Victoria's Secret will always be my go to favorite lip gloss, I love the smell of this Burt's Bees grapefruit gloss and the color, it really reminds me of warm weather. I've used Burt's on my baby girls for lotion and so far their products are always impressive!

My sweet Mother-in-law gave me a TJ Maxx gift card for Mother's Day which I can also use at Home Goods. Taylor and I went to see what we could find and scored with this $4 picture and frame with the great message Do All Things with Love XOXO
I know this is a totally boring picture but I really do like this toothpaste!! I hate that feeling after I brush my teeth and then rinse it out, the cold water can hurt! Since I've been using this Colgate toothpaste I can really tell a difference, I am not as sensitive to that type of stuff as I was, and its under $3 bucks at Walmart!
During one of our meetings this week they provided California Pizza Kitchen, boy was it good! I enjoyed some pasta, bread sticks, lemonade and THE BEST raspberry vinaigrette dressing I've had. It was so sweet and favorable, it defiantly made my salad taste even better!
My baby girl moved up room the newborn room into the crawler room this Sunday at church and did great! She is so easy and happy most of the time, when I picked her up she was playing with some friends on the carpet shaking a rattle, so proud of my big girl!
Hope this made you laugh! Having good cubical neighbor's makes the work day fun and I have some of the best! My friend Donna made me this and I am still laughing :-)


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