Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day

 Happy June 1st friends! Here we are half way into 2017, so far so good I hope for everyone!
After Owen's party we headed South to Columbus for Memorial Day Weekend, I was so excited to have a 3 day weekend, SCORE!!
 My parents house looks like something straight outta of Southern Living Magazine so along with some fun things we did I wanted to share some beautiful pics of their house and garden, hope you enjoy!
 To start off, the reason we enjoy Memorial Day is due to the service men and women who gave so much for our American freedoms, we are all grateful and blessed XOXO
 Mom had all the tables decked out in red, white and blue decor. In just a few weeks again she can use it again for the 4th of July!
 If my Dad where here he could give you a plant by plant explanation of every flower, tree and bush in his yard! I don't know much about plants but I do enjoy pretty ones! Love this pink/purple color.
 One of everyone's favorites, hydrangea's!! Look how big and blue these are!
 So pretty
 Sunscreen and hat one, plus a Moana necklace, we are ready for the lake!
 The kids did lots of fishing
 Hanging out on the dock with Gigi
 Our cousins Andrew and Katherine were also there, Taylor slept with them in these cool bunk beds Mom had build in, here is the top where she hung some twinkle lights
 The dining room tablescape was patriotic also
 Mom's dining room is huge and stunning, a lot of the pieces came from her Mom, my sweet Granny. I love her collection of  Heritage Hall.
 Here is a close up, so pretty! I love these monogrammed napkins, I hope I can get a set of my own one day!
 Taylor is just all about the water these days and getting braver with everything! Look at her climbing in and out of the lake by herself!
 She even talked me into going kayaking with her, after we took this pic, Katherine jumped in with us!
 Go Tay!
 Red, white and beautiful!
 Sun sets on the lake are so pretty especially with lights on the dock
 This yummy layered caramel cake tasted better then it looks!
 A pic of Dad's outdoor kitchen
 Gigi cooked up these yummy butter, cinnamon and sugar biscuits, I believe they had apples in them to, WOW they were good!
 Before we headed back home, Gigi and Granddaddy took Taylor to the Columbus Water Park, she had a blast!
 On our way thru Atlanta we got caught in a huge downpour! Visibility was very low so we only moved about 35 MPH for an extra hour thru Atlanta all the way to our house in Cumming, I think it turned into a 3 hour plus trip, not too much fun but the girls handled it well and slept most of the time. The sun came out later that day and we went on a stroll around the neighboorhood with our flags.
 My All American Girls XOXO

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  1. As we remembered those who sacrificed all for us, it was a wonderful weekend with our family...way to short for this Gigi!! ~