Friday, June 30, 2017

Little Mermaid Movie Night & Making Slime

With warm weather I thought The Little Mermaid would be perfect for our movie night! Who doesn't want to be around some nice and cool water when its hot!
 We actually have lots of Little Mermaid toys around our house and wouldn't you know, I couldn't find one of them! But I did find this cute mermaid and starfish, perfect fit!
 We of course had to use some dinglehoppers to brush our hair AKA eat our food! I picked up some Veggie Sticks and turned them into Seaweed Sticks, my girls love these!
 Nicole's face made me laugh in this pic!
Daddy and Taylor ready to watch the movie!
I made some wiggly blue Jello with Sweedish fish and used Goldfish as the fish food!
My 2 little mermaids
Of course Peppa wanted to watch Ariel too and lay on PK :-)
 Love that little Sebastien!
Daddy and Taylor has some fun with some glue, detergent and shave cream this week
Taylor loved mixing it up!
So gooey!!
These 2 had a blast getting slime all over them!
There is nothing Daddy loves more then an afternoon nap with Coco!
I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend!

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