Monday, June 26, 2017

Bridesmaid Luncheon & Rehersal Dinner

If you follow along with this blog you may remember I mentioned my cousin getting married over the weekend, well she did and it was beautiful!! I got to join in the celebration starting Friday afternoon at the bridesmaid's luncheon then Hubby and I went to the rehearsal dinner Friday night. They were both at really cool and fantastic venues, here they are below!
 With some help from my sweet boss and working longer hours during the week, I was able to take a long lunch break and attend the lunch down in Virginia Highlands. If you are an Atlanta native you already know about The Highlands, but if not, its an affluent neighborhood in Atlanta named after the intersection of Virginia Ave and North Highland Ave, a very busy part of the neighborhood. Lots on bungalows and historic homes all around. It's been named the best neighborhood in Atlanta and has some yummy restaurants. It was the perfect spot for Melanie's lunch!
 A cute and colorful chalkboard sign outside, love the yellow!
 The restaurant was called Murphy's and boy was it good!!
 Beautiful on the inside!
 Here is the bride to be with all her lovely bridesmaids!
 Here I am with Aunt Karen and my Mom, lunch with the ladies!
 Mom & Me enjoying a lovely meal!
 This was the best fried green tomato sandwich ever! It was covered in melted goat cheese and I had some truffle mac and cheese as my side. Mom got the grilled cheese and mashed potatoes and we shared, so good!!
 After lunch I headed back to work, Hubby took the girls to our friends house and then he met me at work and we headed to downtown Decatur to enjoy a lovely dinner at Parker's on Ponce.
 Date night with my love!
 Personalized menu's!!
 Travis' sweet Mom Joy hand made thei beautiful quilt for them, it had all kinds of words that symbolize their marriage XOXO
 This was some of the best shrimp and grits I have ever had!! Look at all this butter and sauce...SCORE!
 My beautiful cousin and bride Melanie!
 I called this picture #marryingakeegirl
That is the handsome and sweet groom, Travis! 
 It started raining again on our way out of the restaurant...SHOCKER
 I missed seeing my baby girl Friday, but here she is smiling and being cute watching cartoons the next morning!
Friday was so much fun for me, I loved getting to see my family, enjoy some great food, take a trip down memory lane with some old family photos and celebrate love. We are so excited for #melvis!

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