Thursday, June 15, 2017

Flag Day & Cheese Caked

"I didn't win the lottery but I did wake up in the greatest country in the world. And that is kind of the same thing."
Happy Flag Day!! (A day late)
Did you proudly fly your red, white and blue yesterday? Flag Day honors a resolution from the Second Continental Congress, which called for an official United States flag. The resolution called for the flag to "be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation."
Who doesn't love a little history lesson? 
If you remember my summer bucket list, I listed a place called Cheese Caked, well we scratched it off the list and it was delish!!
"Skinny people are easier to kidnap"
Isn't that the best sign?!
I heard about Cheese Caked from Instagram, their pictures are so pretty and I knew I had to try it cause cheese cake is one of my favorite desserts. Just look at all this!! They look like cupcakes but its cheesecake, yum!!
Of course the restaurant was super cute with pink and white decor! Lots of candy stripes.
Taylor got the strawberry cheese cake cause she likes the sprinkles
And this is what we drove down for!!
Check out this milkshake!!
Have you ever seen something so big?!!
It was filled with Moose Tracks ice cream, whip cream, a cheese cake cup cake and cotton candy, it was AWESOME!!!
Big smiles all around!
You can see Shimmer and Shine joined us on the trip too!
If you are a cheese cakes lover like me I defiantly recommend this, here is the address so go ahead and drive over there!!
720 Morosgo Dr NE #110, Atlanta, GA 30324

 Sisters Taylor and Nicole with Sisters Anna and Elsa
 I also wanted to share my new June Coton Colors attachment, isn't this pineapple so cute!! I am having so much fun with this Happy Everything plate, I love getting the new attachments!! For the picture I used my Kirkland's pineapple as an accent :-)

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