Thursday, June 8, 2017

Saturday Smiles & A Full Year

Any Saturday is a good Saturday, but I especially love Saturday's with no agenda or to do list, just a free day do relax and have fun doing whatever you want to do. Taylor loves the pool of course so I took her that morning and we had a blast!
 She even had this cute new swim suit to wear from Walmart with water shoes!
 My sweet love ready to jump on in!
 Check this float out!!
Dream really do come true!!
This super sweet lady at our pool was letting the kids ride on it, I wish I had jumped on!
 After a hard day at the pool, a good lunch is a must! Hubby picked up some yummy BBQ at Slopes, so good!! Love their sweet tea too!
The next moring it was raining (of course) so Nicole and I enjoyed sitting outside rocking in the rain. I ended up painting this little rocking chair white to match our big rocker outside and I love it. It was Hubby's when he was a baby.
 Monday was my bosses 40th birthday so I made Taylor my assistant decorator, we headed to Party City to get some decor but stopped for some lunch first at Honey Baked Ham, she loves their ham and so do I!
 I used a lot of items I already had and added a few new things, it was fun to get ready for! We also got her a HUGE Happy 40th Birthday balloon!
 White at Party City I got Taylor a bag of Ring Pops, she said Mommy, what color is my tongue? I said its purple! She said no, its red and blue :-) Parenthood.
 On Monday we took our sweet boss out for a yummy lunch at Longhorn and celebrated with some cake later, it was a fun day celebrating someone very special.
 Switching gears a little bit I wanted to re-post something I wrote on social media last night. If you have been following the blog for a while you may remember last summer I wrote about my Hubby being in ICU for 12 days. I wanted to say how grateful and thankful I still remain for all the love and kindness that was shown to my family during that difficult time. Here is what I wrote last night:
Early tomorrow morning will mark a full year that my hubby went into ICU, so much happened in those 12 days, I wanted to take some time tonight to say how grateful we are to all our family & friends who were right beside us. This may be a little long 💛 I could never say thank you enough to our parents, our siblings, all our Aunts & Uncles, our cousins, our JCBC Family, our First Redeemer Family, my MPFBC family, our bosses & coworkers, all the doctors & nurses, our daycare family & so many more. Every prayer, text message, food delivery, phone call, Facebook post, overnight stay, driving & keeping our girls, financial donation, card, hug, hand hold encouraged us every day. Our lives are truly blessed with the best family & friends in the world. We truly appreciate everything & everyone's help. God has given us so much, especially you all that were so kind to my loves, thank you❤️ #gratitude #bestfamily #bestfriends


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  1. It is very humbling to reflect how truly blessed & grateful we are to have family & friends that are always there showing their love in so many ways. God is so good & we give Him all the Glory!~