Friday, June 16, 2017

Big Bubbles and Simple Joys

Another item on our summer bucket list was to make some Big Bubbles!
I saw a simple and easy recipe from my favorite bloggers Dixie Delights, all you need is 3 ingredients!
 Dish soap, light corn syrup and water!
I got the bubble wands from Amazon, here is the recipe for fun: 
-1 cup of the dish soap
-1/4 cup corn syrup
 -8 cups water
*pour in a big bucket
Hubby making the mix for us
We put the mixture in a big buckets and had some fun for pretty cheap!
Daddy made some big bubbles!
The bubbles were actually pretty big and you get a lot more for your money, I think if we had a bigger wand they could have been huge!
My sweet Taylor
My sweet Nicole sharing some saltines
I love being able to end the day rocking with my baby, especially when she is wearing cute little slippers XOXO
Talk about good!! These new Ben and Jerry's Slices are so good, very rich, but so good!! 
Late night grape snacks with my girl
Morning sunrise, a new day and new start
Hubby and I are loving these new Sargento balanced breaks! They come in different flavors, we love the cheese, cranberries, banana chips and chocolate. They are perfect for a work snack!
When Hubby picks up breakfast, nice buns!
Hubby and I got to have a lunch break together this week so we met at Slopes BBQ, so good! I love all their home feeling decor and they have some of the best sweet tea!
We shared some mac and cheese, green beans, cheese grits, fried okra and some chopped chicken sandwich, it was great!
Coco thinks its funny to chase me with bubbles!!
Morning giggles!!
Tickle monster!
Swinging into the weekend with smiles!!
We have some special things planned for Daddy to celebrate Father's Day. 
A very special Happy Father's Day wish to the best Dad in the world, my own Dad!! I sent him a package of Omaha Steaks (don't ready he already got them so he knows)!!

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  1. Happy Father's Day to all our terrific dads!!~