Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Aristocats Movie Night

If you are a cat love, then movie The Aristocats is Purrfect for you!
We had a fun little movie night with all things cats!
 It's an older Disney movie that reminded me a lot of 101 Dalmatians, except with kittens!
We munched on every cat's favorite snack, goldFISH!
 I've heard cats love milk and I've also heard it tears their little tummy's up! Does anyone know? Maybe if they had some pink strawberry milk it would be better :-)
Coco Cat loved the goldfish of course, catfood!
Got mice?
You need a cat! Unless  you have these cute little mice, they are cute and fun to eat! I made these from some Townhouse Crackers, Colby cheese and raisins for the eyes. The tails are little cherry stems.
"Ladies don't start fights but they can sure finish them!"
My sweet little kittens XOXO
Here is Nicole playing with our own Aristocat PK
I love catching sweet moments like the girls laying on the couch together and watching a movie XOXO
This quote really spoke to me today after a difficult day yesterday, that feeling of being dragged back into a place you fought hard to get out of. Disappointment can be draining for me but I try really hard to see the positive in situations and remember how much grace I have been given so I give it freely too. If you ever feel like down, I hope this arrow quote helps you too :-)

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