Monday, June 12, 2017

Picnic, Post Road Library, & Summer Bucket List

I know everyone likes to feel appreciated for any hard work they put in. From parents, to kids, and employees, I think it refuels people! Last Friday we had our annual company picnic and as always, it was very nice! A catering company set up some tents in our parking lot and served some yummy hamburgers, baked beans, fish and hush puppies, green beans, chips, drinks and much more! My favorite though was this super cute food truck!
 The company was Dominic's Bayou and they served some delicious and huge snowballs, it was like an icy with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle and several different flavors to pick from.
 I got the strawberry lemonade sprinkled with blueberries, it was fabulous! Very refreshing!
It's great to have something special to enjoy at work!
 Look what DVD arrived Friday in the mail or should I say Happy Mail!! I got to watch some Saturday while Nicole napped, its so good, if you have not seen Beauty and the Beast yet go buy it today!
 Friday night Hubby grilled some hamburgers with some ranch seasoning on them.
 What could be better then yummy burgers? Sweet hugs from Nicole!
 Coco passed on the burgers but still loves eating outside!
 Saturday morning we took the girls to Post Road Library for story time! Taylor's friend from school Kaylee was even there!
 I was a little anxious about bringing Nicole but she did great!! She sat right next to Sissy of course and clapped along with all the dog songs.
 When reading about dogs, BINGO is a must!
All the kids got these little wood sticks to clap along with.
Saturday was also #NationalSweetTeaDay, being from GA I love this day! I love me some sweet tea and never get tired of it. To celebrate I brewed a K Cup of my Snapple Peach tea to enjoy! Sweet Tea, Wine of the South XOXO
 Although I am a little late posting, here is our annual Summer Bucket List! I love creating this and having all sorts of fun things to look forward to. This list can change and be added to cause its summer time and we are up for any kind of fun!! Here is what we have on the agenda:
1. Board Game Night (I am thinking some type of fart board game would be enjoyed by my girls)
2. CheeseCaked
3. Despicable Me3-6/30
4. Harry Potter Series
5. Chick Fil A Watermelon Lemonade and eat at The Avalon
6. Movies 400 Kid Movie
7. Paw Patrol Show 7/8
8. Panama City Beach
9. Fox Brothers BBQ
10. Gwinnett Braves Game
11. Coke Floats and a Slip and Slide
12. Make HUGE bubbles
13. Library Story time

I am also hoping Uncle G will be able to come up for his annual summer visit, let us know G!
 Here is to a great summer for everyone!

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