Monday, June 5, 2017

Playing outside and some house updates

When its not raining here in the peach state, my girls love to play outside! Anything from the water table, to bikes, swinging, or drawing on the driveway with chalk they love!
 Upside down or right side up, they love the water table!
 Her favorite person to play with
 Here is a pic of the red shelf in my kitchen, I love displaying my white pieces but I wanted to change it up a little bit, here is the before...
 And the after! I know it does not look too different but I added some cook books and a cake plate, I also hung the serving spoon up on the side of the shelf, what do you think?!
 For the month of June I got a bright and colorful Pioneer Woman's table cloth from Walmart along with a table runner. The plates were wedding gifts we got almost 8 years ago from Target, I thought the blue and green went great with the table cloth. I got the orange charges from Walmart around Halloween and used them again!
 My dining room table is never clean so I wanted to take as many pics as possible! Hopefully one day I can get some pretty monogrammed napkins to add to my table scape!
 As I said earlier, the girls love the water table, our water hose to fill it is location behind the trash cans and there is no shade near! So I got this new green umbrella from Walmart, it matched the green chairs I already have and really helps!!! Anything to help that direct sun!
 With Father's Day this month I changed up my table with some pretty blue and some pics of Hubby with the girls. Also, a hand made fish from Taylor a few years ago for Dad's Day!
 I love these prints I found on Etsy, my favorite is You Are the best Farter, I mean Father! I know a couple of Dad's this can apply too!
 Piggy tales and smiles!
 Nothing says summer and sun like a sunflower! I found this cute wreath from Walmart, I thought it would look great by the fireplace!!
I have some more summer decorating to do, I hope you enjoyed what I have so far!

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