Thursday, June 29, 2017

Updates around the house & Simple Joys

With the 4th of July Holiday just around the corner I have been updating a lot of my summer/pineapple decor with red, white & blue!! You know I love decorating for any holiday & I can't wait to show you what I have been doing shortly. For now I have some simple joys & other updates around the house!
 This little update was free...BIG SCORE!!
It does require a Mom who has great tastes and lots of extra decor around she is willing to give you though :-)
I've had this shelf in our guest room with some Xmas decor on it, I wanted to make it look a little cleaner and Mom said she had some yellow and black decor she was not longer using so I was able to give it a little face lift!
 Hubby grilled out some yummy fish and we all love some couscous with olives, tomato and feta cheese!
 Look really hard and you can see a rainbow in the sky, at 9 PM at night! Summer nights!
 This may be a little hard to see, but our house is pretty long and we don't have many flowers on the side so Hubby picked up some new hosta plants at Home Depot, we are hoping they work out good, no worry about them getting enough water!
 Right now this is Taylor's favorite place to be, the pool! She loves it and wants to go everyday!
 We had a retirement party for one of our sweet coworkers Charles, we celebrated with some BBQ and banana pudding from Dreamland, YUM!!
 My girls love going to our neighborhood playground, especially the swings!!
 I am one lucky Mommy!
 I got these cute matching outfits from Kmart
 This week was Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, we have been enjoying watching the DVD's every night, we are on the 3rd one now!
 I am changing the mantel around for the 4th of July so I moved these pretty flowers and candles from Kirkland's to our bedroom.
I also changed our butterfly wreath with this pink and white flower wreath from Kirkland's.
Water tables are made to play IN not WITH, right?!?!
I added these cute sting lights with little stars in the girls play house for a nice night glow, Starry Starry Night!

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