Monday, June 19, 2017

What I Wore

When talking fashion and beauty I love this quote:
 I think I have learned this lesson as I have gotten older, as have many others. Just be your best self, its the most beautiful for sure!
 This past Sunday marked a month since Chris Cornell passed away, I think I listed to one of his songs at least once a day, his voice was just incredible. I wanted to wear my love on my sleeve so I found this Chris tee on Etsy and I love it!! If you are not familiar with Soundgarden, Audio Slave or any of his other music please check it out, you will be blown away.
 My Mother's Day Lilly P dress is perfect for right now, short sleeve, and a side braid is great for the GA humidity.
I once read that maxi dresses are like the pajamas of dresses, they are so comfortable and easy to style! I have had this one for a couple of years, I love the purple leopard print!
Going with the flow dress!
This came from and under $20. I love this dress, its so pretty and comfortable with an elastic waist. And  the best part, it was the perfect length! Usually maxi dresses are long on me, this hit right at my toes so no tripping on the dress!
You may remember this dress from Taylor's recital, its from Target and so pretty!! I keep going back and forth if its ok to wear to work? It's long but I am worried about the bare shoulders, what are your thoughts?
I still love the dress though!
No hassle with tassels!!
I got this dress last summer and I still love it, so does Coco, she loves to pull the tassels. Its from
Sometimes and easy and classic black and white look is all your need! The shirt came from Walmart along with the white skirt and black shoes came from Target.
I am still loving my Easter Lolly Wolly Doodle dress, its so springy and I love the pastel colors.
Last time I wore this dress I paired it with a brown belt, but I like this look much better! Its from an online clothing store called Down East!
If you love Instagram like me you have no doubt seen the pretty palm print everywhere! I found this shirt at for $12, SCORE!! I paired it with a green pencil skirt from Amazon, such a great summer print!!

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  1. The woman makes the outfits shine... beautiful~