Monday, July 3, 2017

Patriotic Decor

Happy July everyone!
Can you believe we have half of 2017 behind us now? I hope its been a good one and a time to reflect back, hopefully looking back makes you smile :-)
 I have been having so much fun pulling out my red, white and blue decor, I have been doing a little bit here and there when its not raining! Here is the front of our house where I like to hang out patriotic buntings, I think they just look perfect on a porch!
Come on in for a visit!
 You may remember my adding those yellow kiss balls at the front of our house since we can't get flowers to grow there, I ordered some more from Ebay but got them in red, white and blue!
 I've had all this decor for a few years now and its still held up pretty good! So many places now have all kinds of decorative flags like Party City and Walmart. My beautiful door hanger is from Bronwyn Hanahan Art, she does fantastic door hangers!
 On our table in the dining room, I used my Pioneer Woman table runner, the reverse side has blue flowers which I used for Mother' Day and I thought the red polka dot would be great for the 4th. I used my new firecracker Happy Everything Coton Color's attachment, a print off of the USA that says Land that I love and a cute pic of Baby Taylor.
 This may be my favorite tablescape I've done, I just love the colors and patterns and its all items I already had! The only thing new was the 6 red plate chargers I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10...SCORE! I know I can use these for so many holidays! The blue pattern plates came from my Mom and the blue plastic plates along with flag napkins are from Dollar Tree, $2 each!! The runner came from Lakeside Collection last year and I added some Coke's for the pic, cause what drink is more American than an ice cold Coke?!
 My Mom has a big collection of this blue and white china, I think she gets them at places like Ross, but she has given me a lot of pieces she is not longer using. I don't use these everyday but thought they were perfect for July 4th!
 This may be one of my oldest 4th of July flower pieces, I think I got it at Michael's years ago. Its held up great and I continue to love it anywhere I display it.
 Another view of the table, now that I am thinking about it, I need a pretty festive wreath for that window don't you think?! Did I tell you Coco is no longer sitting in her high chair, she wants to eat at the big table with us!
 On our back patio I hung up these pretty buntings and put out my red Christmas flowers on the table, love that red! I also use these at Valentines Day.
 I also found these $8 pillow case covers from Ebay and love them!! So much cheaper then an entire new pillow which is almost $20 bucks. I have really tried to remember to take them inside when it rains...which is daily :-)
The star on the door is from Walmart.
 I loved the pillow case so much I got another one, this time in stripes! I added some garland around the table too.
 This cute little sign came from my Mom's house when they had a family reunion a few days ago, very festive!
 Back inside I decorated my kitchen chest with this cute let freedom ring sign I found on Etsy, I used a blue and white vase to hold some pinwheels. I also picked up some red, white and blue straws from Etsy. The print is from Etsy and I used more of my red flowers.
 I hope you enjoyed this little tour, I am still working on a few things but it's a really fun holiday to decorate for. This is an upclose look of the print I found on Etsy.
Like many, I am looking forward to a fun day off tomorrow ( I know some people are still working), but working or not, I wish you all a safe and fun 4th of July!! If you are lucky enough to call yourself an American, you are one of the luckiest people on Earth. We live in such a great country, whatever you do, celebrate BIG America's birthday cause freedom is worth a big celebration!!
 And if you have little ones or dogs who don't like fireworks, just know I am with you. They don't bother Coco yet, but Taylor is no fan of them, it might be a long night!!

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  1. Beautiful holiday house the patriotic tablescape!~