Monday, September 26, 2016

Zoo Atlanta

I've said this many times but its worth repeating again, my girls are so blessed to have the best Grandparents ever! Growing up I spent a lot of time with all 4 of my Grandparents and have great memories with them I will always treasure. I am so happy to see my girls getting to experience the same thing with their Grandparents now. One example was last week Omma and Poppie surprised Taylor by picking her up from school early and taking her to Zoo Atlanta!! My Mother in Law has a season pass and loves it!
Cho, cho!! Omma and Taylor on the train!! This is MY favorite thing to ride at Zoo Atlanta!!
Brushing the goats hair, I wish Taylor was this calm when I brushed her hair!
Poppie getting in on the petting action too!
They said Taylor was captivated when the animals went poo-poo
Lunch time!! Omma packed a picnic with Lunchables!
Look at these 2 Krazy Kangaroos!
Up close with the Panda Bear!
Hear me ROAR!!!
Even though its officially fall, it still feels like summertime in GA, Taylor stay cooled in the fountains!!
I am so glad Taylor got to spend time with Omma and Poppie, it was such a special treat for her to have them all to herself!! If you live in the Atlanta area check out the Zoo, its always lots of fun!!


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