Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lilly P After Party Sales & Simple Joys

Y'all I have had the most fun getting ready for work this week, not because I enjoy the morning rush, but because my new outfits from the August Lilly P sale arrived and I got to wear them all to work!! If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen the super cute patterns, but I like them so much I wanted to share them again!
I am loving all the new patterns and bright colors!! I can usually never afford one Lilly P item, but I knew the After Party Sale was coming so I tried to put some money aside, I ended up getting 4 items for what I would usually pay for 2...SCORE!!
This super cute fish top has a pretty baby blue color that I paired with a baby blue necklace, its a little low cut so I wore a hot pink tank under it for work with my white pencil skirt. Yup, I still wear white after Labor Day!!
Nothing screams Lilly P like hot pink and this parrot dress has plenty of it!! I think it will be great all year long, I can pair with with gold sandals and brown boots. I added this cute blue tassel necklace my sister in law gifted me with, no hassle with a tassel!
This Under the Sea dress was Hubby's favorite, its super comfy and perfect for the office. I also paired it with my baby blue necklace. Again, we are always on a tight budget and getting new Lilly P cloths is a really special treat for me, I am thankful Hubby didn't give me any lip about me new dresses :-) Live Colorfully!!
I always love looking back at old pictures, especially comparing the girls at the same age! Here is one I love, I got this cute chevron top from Walmart for Taylor, both girls at 12 months!!
Ever since I have loved Hubby I have always said he is the one person who could open any pantry in America and make a meal with any ingredients on hand!! Its true, I look for something for dinner and say we don't have anything, lets order pizza. Not Hubby, he ends up fixing me a huge turkey and cheese sandwich and a homemade olive spread, toasts it up and its a bite of heaven! He even cut up a sweet mango and put some Bugles, YUM!
White Daddy and Nicole took a long Sunday nap, I treated Taylor to some fro yo at Chill Hill. She was so cute filling it up some gummy worms, cookies, and sprinkles, We shared it and had a fun time hanging out together, love my BIG girl!
Daddy took Taylor to the middle school football, he said they had a fun time but it was really HOT! Look at Taylor VIP hanging out with the cheerleaders!
Check out these braids!! Ms. Ariana did Taylor's hair at school, I can't even run a brush thru it with out her flipping out, I need to know her secrets!!
One of my favorite simple joys and when I look in the backseat on the way home and see the girls hold hands, be still my heart!!
Its official the first day of fall today and I know everyone is thrilled for pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, boots, cooler nights and Starbucks trips. Here is a pic of my fall centerpiece on our kitchen table. My Mother in Law gifted me with this beautiful Martha Stewart serving tray, its so nice and big!! I have a long weekend coming up, we are having the girls party so I have a lot of prepping and cleaning to do but I can't wait to share with you all the details and a special surprise I have up my sleeve. Here is a clue, what animal goes Oink! Oink!??!!

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