Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Football Saturday

Since UGA had an away game last Saturday, we cheered them on at home. The played Mizzou in Lee's Summit so we cheered them on from GA!
It was a really close one until the very end but our Dawgs pushed through and won, Go Bulldogs!!
While watching the game we munched on some yummy caramel cream cheese dip. Its super easy and yummy! Just get a block of cream cheese, mash the center down a little and pour some caramel in it. I sprinkles some Heath bar over and and enjoy with some sliced apples!
I love this cute and sparkly shirt my cousin Mindy gave Taylor, perfect for hot summer football games!
Not only did we celebrate the Dawgs win, we celebrated making the switch from formula to milk, SCORE!! To give you an idea of how much formula my daughter has consumed in a year here is an estimate of what we have spent...on the 15th of 30th of every month I place an order for $85 worth of formula from Walmart and that is with free shipping!! It adds up for sure, so I am doing the happy dance of spending less money for more milk...MOO!!!
Saturday afternoon Taylor drove out with me to my college bestie Sarah's new house which is just as lovely as she is!! For years she has packed my car full of cloths her daughter has outgrown. She could make a lot of money from these cloths but she chooses to graciously give them to my girls, I am so thankful!
I could never say thank you enough but I wanted to bring her something so we picked up a delish salted caramel iced latte, YUM!
My early morning grocery store buddy, stayin cool!
The Dawgs have a tough game coming up against Ole Miss in Oxford, but we will be cheering them on!

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