Monday, September 12, 2016

Apple Cider Bar

In just a few weeks apple picking season and cooler weather will be arriving but for now here in GA is still summer, its still hot and still humid.
But I went ahead and set up my apple cider bar and we are loving it!
This is the 3rd year I set this up and will change it to a hot cocoa bar when the holidays come around. I wonder if I could do a spooky Halloween bar??
I will have to check around Pinterest for that idea! Meanwhile, back to the apples!
I pulled out my fall leaves runner I got from Home Goods years ago and placed it on this beautiful green chest that was my Great Aunt Sarah's. My Mom had it at her house for a few years and passed it on to me.
Not pictured is a Keurig that is the biggest part of our apple cider bar cause it makes the yummiest apple cider! I ordered these Grove Square Cider Spiced Apple k cups from Ebay about 2 weeks ago, they came in and Hubby and I have really been enjoying them, in fact I need to order some more before we run out! We like to add some caramel syrup and marshmallows to it at the end of the day. And of course everyone knows how good hot apple's smell! 
Next to the apple cider k cups I picked up some artificial fall colored flowers from Walmart, they were only $6 so I picked up two and took one to work.
Along with the artificial flowers at Walmart I picked up this Harvest sign for under $4, what a deal! It's a list of all things fall and I tried to copy the font free handed on my chalkboard that says Happy Harvest.
This chalkboard sign in one of my favorite items in our kitchen, its always changing with the seasons! When I originally got it, it was a gold frame and I painted it red and put some chalkboard paint on the print. Its help up great through the years!
Having a cute mug with apple cider is a must in my head, so I ordered this new set of mugs from, it has a pumpkin, leaves and a cute fox who you may remember from last week's post!
Isn't he a cutie?!
Come on by any time for a warm cup!!

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