Friday, September 2, 2016

Simple Joys

Without a doubt I know how blessed I am to be a Mommy, these 2 little girls are my pride and joy and my reason for a lot of things I do. But, keeping it real here, being a parent is super hard and can be exhausting. I knew I was in trouble yesterday when I picked Nicole up from daycare and the first thing her teacher told me was how fussy she was all day.
This morning she was awake at 4 AM with a 102 temperature.
I went into stress out mode. Both me and my Hubby needed to be in the office today. We figured a way to split it up, I stayed with Nicole in the morning and worked from home while he attended his meetings. Then he came home and I went into the office.
This tee shirt was perfect for how I was feeling today:
Surviving Motherhood on grace and coffee
I love that Taylor is getting old enough to play outside with our sweet neighbor Emily, they love to play under our patio with the water table. She gets so excited when Emily knocks on our door to come play!
One of my favorite lunches to get me thru the work day, beef and broccoli with rice and of course an ice cold Coke to drink with it!
For years I have been using Cover Girl's Outlast lipstick, I love it so much!! And it really stays the entire day but you must wear some type of lip gloss with it, it can really dry your lips out. I have been growing my collection based on what I wear that day.
Hubby picked up a McDonald's caramel frappe for me, I love these and they are very affordable. In fact I wish I had one right now!
Last night I added a little fall lead garland to the top of our kitchen pots and pulled out my beautiful white cake plate and filled it with some pumpkins.
I have gotten so much use from this cake plate, absolutely love it!
I have always loved blue tortilla chips, especially dipped in some yummy guacamole and corn from California Pizza Kitchen, so yummy!
The end of August has many special birthday's! One of them was for my sweet Mother In Law, she has a heart of gold and is so good to me and my girls. I could never say thank you enough for all the love and support she gives us everyday. She is enjoying her birthday in Hawaii!!!
It was also my sweet friend Katie's birthday. I have worked with her for 10 years now, so much has happened to us both sine we started but she continues to be a compassionate and thoughtful friend. She has been there to help my family through some hard days, I am so thankful for her friendship and great tastes! We took her to Chicken Salad Chick, yum!!
I hope everyone has a happy and safe long weekend, especially to all the hard workers our there, enjoy your day!!


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