Thursday, September 29, 2016

Taylor & Nicole's Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Taylor's 4th birthday and Nicole's 1st party together at our house! It was a fun Peppa Pig party filled with friends, family, animals, BBQ and a bouncy house! I have tons of great pics I want to share, I hope you enjoy!!
I spent Friday getting ready for the party by cleaning and decorating. I took a picture from every month through out the year and glued it on a art canvas. I love seeing how much they have grown!!
I added some Peppa Pig decorations all around the house. I ordered the table cloth and runner from Oriental Trading, I tried to enter a little every pay check during this summer.
A cute birthday banner from Party City over the garage
A birthday mantle with balloons
We have had a Peppa Pig table for a few month from Walmart and got tons of use from it! I filled the bucket with yo-yo's for all the little ones!
I ordered these super cute Peppa Pig place cards from Etsy, they listed most of the food we served. Our BBQ came from Spice Right in Roswell, GA and it was delicious! Turkey, pulled pork, mac and cheese, backed beans, cheese dip, veggies and fruit.
I also purchased these Peppa Pig water bottle labels from Etsy, they were super cute but time consuming. I thought they were self adhesive, NOPE! I had to take each and every one!
These Pioneer Woman drink canisters from have continued to be a great investment! I had already used them at several family functions!
Matching dresses of course with Peppa Pig and their age!
Welcome to the petting zoo! I found a mobile petting zoo in Kennesaw called Crickets Petting Zoo and they were wonderful!! They had all kinds of cute little animals everyone could pet and hold, check out all these pics:
The fence being put up
Gigi and Omma with the girls and baby chicks!
Big smiles!!
Jackson, Addy, and Cameron playing with the animals!
Our neighbors Cameron and Emily with the duck!
Taylor and the goats
Not too sure about this Mom!
I think she likes them!
One of my favorite family pictures ever!!
Look at the chicken on Daddy Pig's head!!
Taylor DID NOT like the chicken on her head!!
Daddy Pig and Coco Piggy
Our sweet cousins Juanita and Michelle joined us in the celebration. They are so sweet, if there is anyone is the world that could be my Grandmother Kee's twin sister, its Juanita. From the way she talks to everything else, its so much like my Grandmother and we love it!!
Emily, Taylor and Kingsley!
We had a jump house from Jumptastic that Gigi even got in!!
I think the jump house was Taylor's favorite thing!
Happy Birthday Taylor!!
Happy Birthday Nicole!!
It's time to open presents, YEAH!!!!!!!
Cousin Avery helping Nicole open her gifts
Omma and Poppie with Avery and Nicole!
Big cousin Avery is a great helper with Nicole!
Jumping around is super hard work!! Ryder and Taylor relaxing
Milk time!
All Taylor and Nicole's sweet friends helping her open gifts!
Playing with Peppa's favorite chocolate cake!!
Handsome Daddy Pig, Oink! Oink!
I can't say thank you enough to all our friends and family for all their help in celebrating our sweet girls, we had a blast, here is the 4 and 1!!
Partying all day is hard work!
Nicole got in the jumpie after all the big kids left too!
Here we are singing Happy Birthday to our big girls!!


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  1. Happy Birthday(s) to the sweetest little girls... we LOVE you both to the moon!!