Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Athens & a 3 Ingrident Dip

Who loves coming into work and its already Tuesday without having to work on a Monday? I do!! And I am sure all the hard workers out there can agree, we love Labor Day weekend! 
I hope yours was nice and relaxing. We got to see a lot of family and did a lot of traveling but its always nice to spend time with out family. Saturday we headed up to Athens to watch the Dawgs play North Carolina at the Dome. It was a great opener for UGA!
You may recognize this dress from my Dad's 60th birthday party, I knew it could carry on into the warm weather first games, its still so cute, and look at that pose!
Our little Nicole has been battling a double infection, so shes not her sweet self, but she still had her Bulldog spirit!
What football game is complete without a yummy dip! I saw this on another great blog called Two Twenty One:
The reason is caught my eye is its so EASY and CHEAP!!
Just get a dish, 1 can of chili, 1 container of sour cream, top with cheese and enjoy with some chips!!
This is a picture of the dip after we had been diving in, I think it was enjoyed by all!
Granddaddy and Gigi treated us to the Atlanta/Athens favorite, Varsity! They picked us up some hot dogs and hamburgers, and of course the famous hats!
Cheese dog, fries and a Capri Sun, what could be better...
A hot apple pie!! YUM!!
With Nicole not feeling well, no one in my house is getting much sleep! Caffeine is much needed. So I picked up this yummy white chocolate frappacino and it did not disappoint, YUM!!
And since it was a long weekend I had a little extra time to get some home projects done. One of them is this very simple and cheap quote I put together with a $7 dollar Walmart frame I found! I have always loved the Walt Whitman quote:
"We were together. I forgot the rest."
I have seen it a lot on Etsy and Instagram, it reminds me of that sweet time when you first meet someone and everything is right with the world. You are so in love and that's all that matters.
I took a picture of the quote and printed an 8 x 10 off then just framed it and hung it up in out master bedroom over the fireplace. It's a little small so I found an old metal candle holder and placed a cream colored hydrangea in it. Love it!!



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