Thursday, September 8, 2016

A trip to the lake and more fall decor

After our adventure in Cleveland, GA last weekend we made one more stop to my Aunt Brenda's lake house at Lake Hartwell. Its a beautiful second home right on the lake. Nothing makes her happier then having all her kids, grand kids and my family up there enjoying time together. Nicole was still not feeling too good with her double ear infection so our trip was short but still fun!

Taylor had a blast hanging out on the dock and the boat. She also loved finding dandelions in the grass and blowing them around.
Hitting the noodle around, tons of fun!
Taylor showing Uncle Lee another dandelion!
Nicole enjoyed a little breeze sitting by the lake. We had a fun time at the lake!!
While we were traveling some cute fall decor I ordered from Etsy arrived, I love fall decorating! I ordered a new fall banner I hung across the mirror upstairs. This dresser was my Grandmother's and I love it. I actually keep my gift wrapping station in the drawers. One day I will get it organized and take some pics!!
I saw this quote on Etsy and love it, perfect for fall! I printed it off and placed it on some scrap wood, just like I did with the pumpkin spice girl decal. Simple and cheap, it says:
"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall"
I am hoping for a new beginning in a lot of areas in my life, every day is a chance to do the right thing and to correct hurtful things you have done in the past. A chance to do it right.
Here is another picture of the new banner, I think burlap is the perfect for fall!
I picked up these bright orange artificial flowers at Walmart for under $5...SCORE!
I also added some leaf garland and an apple crisp candle, it smells like fall in the air, just don't go outside!
I love having this dressing to decorate every season, it really brings seasonal warmth into our home!


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