Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Family Pics & Little Updates Around the House

With our September birthday girls I had a lot on my list I wanted to do, one was get our family pictures and two was to do some updates around the house before the birthday party. Our pictures came in from Lily McGregory and they were fantastic as always! She does a great job! Every 6 months since Taylor was born we have taken family pictures and I really do treasure each one. Please relax & enjoy, I have a lot!
 I got the girls matching dresses from Target and their initial necklaces from Etsy


Those eyes!
These boots are made for walking....
All my loves
I love the lighting on this one
Daddy's girl for sure
The 4 of us here together, healthy is a huge blessing for me, especially after our summer, and I am forever thankful
I love each and everyone one of these pictures, check out Lily's website if you are looking for a fantastic and very affordable photographer:
I know this is a hard picture to see, you can tell I am not a professional picture taker but this is the window in our playroom, simple with a red polka valance. I just added some simple, cheap and colorful tassel's from Etsy, love it!
A rainbow of colors!
When our family pics from Lily came in I chose my favorite 2 and blew them up to fit a 16 x 20 frame. This is my favorite wall in our home for sure! Since I am running out of wall space I took Taylor's 2 youngest baby pics and moved them up the stairs. I really love the way it turned out! Here is the before pic:
Not much to this pic but a lot of space! Both my brother and Hubby agree, if there is a blank wall I will fill it up! I can't deny, its true!! I have been picking up little items when I got to Walmart to hang up along with the pics, here is what it looks like now...
I absolutely love it!! A lot of the items I already had, I only purchased the family sign and letter P so it was a very affordable upgrade!
I added some new table mats on our patio I ordered from Lakeside Collection. I also picked up some fall colored artificial flowers from Walmart with a Happy Harvest sign to go on the cart, I just love all the warm colors!
With Nicole up pretty early Saturday and lots to do to get ready for the party, caffeine was a must. And according to the calendar its officially fall so I got the first of many pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks and it did not disappoint!! Yum, yum I can't wait to enjoy more this season!

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