Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Babyland General Hospital

Over the weekend Gigi and Granddaddy treated the girls to a trip to Babyland General Hospital. If you are a child of the 80's you probably know and loved Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember having a few myself!
Xavier Roberts, a Cleveland, GA native is the founder of CPK and created Babyland General Hospital as a place the CPK could grow and play until they are adopted by a loving family.
The hospital itself is so so beautiful with its large wrap around porch and rocking chairs looking over a large grassy hill and North GA Mountains.
Beautiful flowers all around the grounds
A view of the mountains, so pretty!
Gigi and Nicole beside I huge CPK sculpture
Granddaddy and Taylor, you know he was super excited about this trip!
There is a huge Cabbage Couch when you walk in!
My own little CPK!
When you first start the tour there are multiple nursery's you can walk through with cribs and dolls
What nursery is complete with out its own Andy Warhol print, love it!!
Taylor is ready to ride the Babyland Elementary School bus!
Checking out all the newborns being born
Gigi and Nicole looking at all the preemies, they even had incubators to keep them warm!
Duh!! My real life CPK!!
Look at those silly smiles!!
Taylor and Daddy having so much fun!
While waiting outside with Nicole, everyone kept saying she was a real life CP doll!
Taylor and Nicole each got a new doll, introducing Shine Portmann!
Thanks to Granddaddy and Gigi, it was a special day the girls will always remember!

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  1. Loved our special day at the Cabbage Patch... it has gotten a little bigger than it was 30 years ago, but the look on the children's faces is still the same - wonder & excitement!! Gigi & Grandaddy love our own little Cabbage Patch Kids... Tay Tay & Coco!!