Wednesday, September 21, 2016

One Year Old

This weekend was really special for our little family, we celebrated Baby Girl Nicole turning one year old!!
She gave me a birthday present while sleeping in a little later, I hope this continues as she grows!! I came in and sang Happy Birthday to You!!
This girls is such a little rascal! She can stand up by herself, loves to check the mail box everyday with me, she follows everything her big sis does too. She likes to watch Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig and Shimmer and Shine. She likes to eat Ritz crackers with cheese, Danamals squeeze yogurt, Cheerios, and Nilla Wafers. She has more hair then the kids in her class that I can see from pictures at daycare!! She is ready for bed at 8 PM sharp. She loves to play with Taylor in the bathtub. She has beautiful big Disney Princess eyes. Between the 2, I think she was my easier baby, but I would not say EASY!! She wants me to hold her all the time and loves to crawl in the dishwasher and turn PK the cat's water bowl over. She has her Daddy's feet and coloring, I don't think she looks like Mommy at all but defiantly resembles Taylor. She is tough and strong willed. She came into my life at a hard time, she is truly an angel and gives me strength. I love her with all my heart and will always be here for her, my sweet Coco!
Pretty dresses for church!
After church we came home and sang happy birthday, then she thru the cupcake on the ground!
But I did get a chance to snap this pic before the cupcake got launched!
For her first birthday gift Nicole got a dancing teddy bear!!
For our birthday book we read Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You!
All the birthday celebration can make you tired, there are few moments as sweet then a big sister kiss good night
Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet girl, we love you so very much!!


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  1. Happy first birthday to our sweet angel Coco... can't wait to see & celebrate with you at your party this Sunday! Love you to pieces.... Gigi & Grandaddy ~