Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Saturday in Athens

This past weekend was the first home game for the Bulldogs against Nicholls and boy was it a nail biter! It was a 12:00 kick off right in the middle of summer, water bottles were needed! We did not go into the game, we drove straight to my parents condo and into the AC!
 But we still came in our red and black and cheered them on to victory!
Since the girls attention span is no where close to a 4 hour football game, we brought Taylor's scooter and rode around the complex. Defiantly looking for shade, we found a big shade tree and picked up some sticks!
With the heat we didn't stay outside too long, we came back and cooled off with some Chick fil A for lunch. Coco enjoyed some Ritz crackers, one of her favorites!!
Our neighbor Emily gave Taylor a Barney book and she loves it, I found it in Hubby's car and Taylor loved reading it out loud to Nicole and me.
Of course anything in front of the TV means some couch jumping!!
When our family got back from the game, they were all ready to cool down in the pool! Here is a pic of Taylor's second cousin, Katherine, and she is a great swimmer! She was showing us all her big jumps into the pool!
For dinner we picked up some yummy Johnny's Pizza really close to my parents condo in a cute little shopping center. 
After stuffing our faces with pizza we celebrated with some victory cupcakes! These are so cute, Gigi picked them up from Walmart. GO DAWGS!!!!


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