Friday, September 16, 2016

Simple Joys and What I Wore

This is by far the funnest text message I got all week, talk about making me laugh out loud!!
RAW SEWAGE LEAK!!! I can't even stop laughing!!
With Nicole's birthday this weekend, we packed her up some Shimmer and Shine cupcakes and apple juice to celebrate with all her friends and teachers at school today!! One year old!!
Taylor loves Lunchables and Daddy put a special touch on this one!
My sweet friend and coworker Ashley is expecting a baby boy this fall, so we took her out to eat some Pita's to celebrate and boy where they good!
I ordered this yummy chicken gyro and fries, delish!!
Taylor has always loved anything to do with the moon and stars, she has especially loved star gazing with the telescope at night with Daddy, she gets so excited!!
3 years ago Taylor wore this super cute Girls Rock shirt and pink hot pants, and guess who is wearing it now...
Love these cuties!! Girls Rule, Boys Droll!!
Not to be outdone on cute cloths, how cute are these lemonade shorts and tee, I want this for myself!! Just like lemonade, Taylor can be sweet or sour!!
Dancing side by side with the Shimmer and Shine theme song came on!
I have be wanting a green Army vest since last fall, I see them all over Instagram with some many different outfit combinations. I found this one at Charlotte Russe online, I love it!! I paired it with my Walmart Black and Gray stripped dress.
While cheering on the Dawgs last weekend I wore this red polka dot top and black shorts all from Walmart. I have really gotten a lot of use from this $5 tank, it was a steal and goes with some much!

I was so excited when this baby blue scalloped dress arrived from, its lovely! I wore it to Ashley's baby shower and paired it with some pretty pearls. I wanted to show you to super cute scallop edge...
It's an odd picture but I wanted to show off how pretty it is :-)
This comfy denim dress I found on clearance for $5 at Walmart last weekend, I guess they were making room for fall clothing, but since its still summer I call this a SCORE!!
This skirt is another great find. Its a print of the beautiful Van Gough painting, Starry Starry Night. Even if you were not an art major like me, you probably know this painting. I paired it with my Walmart tee and a half moon necklace. I was going to the moon and stars theme!
I'm not great at taking pictures like this, so I usually don't, but this print on the skirt was so pretty I wanted to show it off, love it!
I hope everyone has a safe & fun weekend, enjoy!!


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