Thursday, September 15, 2016

Little updates around the house

While we were in Athens last weekend my took 2 cars so we could bring back the cutest cart Mom picked up for me at an antique store in Columbus. I have been wanting a cart to put on the patio to create some drink bars and she found the perfect one!
She told me it was big and she didn't lie but I love it!! Check out the beautiful butcher block top and cute wheels!
Here is a closer view of the cart, I plan on decorating it a little more, any ideas of something that can stay outside?!
Slowly I have been trying to pick up some more pillows and comfy throw blankets to add some more fall coziness around the house. I found this super pretty pillow at Walmart for $12, a little much but I love the yellow color!
I absolutely love having items around our home that has a lot of meaning and this beautiful stitching from my Aunt Judy sure does! She made it for me when my Mom was expecting and its been passed down for years all through out my family. And it came back to me this weekend from my cousin Mindy!!
I love this metal scroll from Hobby Lobby so much this is the third one I got for our house! I have one over the garage, one in the kitchen and now one coming down the stair case! Hanging this was a little challenging for sure, but not one got hurt!
I got a little sneak peak of Nicole and Taylor's 1 & 4 year old pics from our photographer Lily McGregory, here is my beautiful almost one year old!!
The lighting in this picture is absolutely beautiful!! Taylor loved blowing glitter everywhere!!
I'll post some more pics when they come in!!

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