Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all Home Tour

Happy September everyone! Scrolling thru Instagram and Facebook this morning I think there are a lot of people out there excited for fall to start and ready to enjoy the cooler and comfortable weather, I know I am!
I have slowly been decorating my house for the fall season, I love decorating for all seasons, but there is something about fall with its warm colors and pretty leaves that I think makes a house seem more like a home. 
I hope you enjoy this little fall tour has much as I enjoyed decorating!!
Just in time for September, my new patio door mat from Kirkland's arrived in the mail yesterday and I love it!!
Since back door guests are the best, let me show you some fall updates I added on our back patio. I ordered this cute decal from Etsy, under $10 for the back door & I love it!
Come on it...into the AC is what I am thinking these days, but cooler days are ahead!
While at Walmart last weekend I picked up some pretty yellow and deep red mums and hay stacks. I think they really give a fall feeling! I don't have much of a green thumb but I am hoping to keep my mums watered and pretty for a few weeks, we shall see!
This super cute basket got falled up with the help of Taylor and I love it! I was given this white basket at Nicole's baby shower, it had a beautiful purple lining that had cute baby words written in it. I kept it in our room for diapers, wipes and bibs. But as Nicole has gotten bigger I don't use it as much so I simply took the liner out, picked up some orange gingham ribbon at Walmart and Taylor helped me make a bow! I also picked up a new fleece blanket at Walmart for $8. I think it will help us stay warm and cozy on those cooler nights!
One of the ferns I had in this fire pit died so I had to trash it but one was still holding on, so I moved it to our Sheppard's hook outside the patio and put 2 new yellow mums in their place. I then used this old pumpkin planter and filled it with some small mums. These can quickly be moved when we have our spooky smores night and need a little fire to make some yummy treats!
If you follow along you probably remember this little autumns blessings sign I made last week from some scrap wood Hubby had in the garage, I put it on the patio table, its a little bigger then I like so I may move it around again.
Here is a side view of where I put the blanket basket, easy access when you are sitting on the chair.
When using our patio door you come right into our kitchen. Here is my small but lovely collection of while china and milk glass I have been collecting. The pumpkins are a gift from my Mother in law and are just perfect for warm chili or soup on a fall night!
Here is a slightly stepped back view of the red shelf. Honestly I go back and forth on how I feel about this wall. Sometimes I really love all the little signs and the painting is sentimental since it was painted by one of my Grandmother's best friends. And then sometimes I will be thinking about getting a baker's rack to put there, I can't decide!
I can't say enough how much I love being able to have my Grandmother's dining room furniture, its so beautiful, durable and always makes me smile when I remember many meals as a kid I had there and now my kids get to sit at it. I am working on getting my fall tablescape set up, but for now I put a little foliage on top of this china cabinet and hung up my favorite fall wreath Mom got me from Target years ago.
My husband picked up the new wreath for me from Walmart and he did great, I love it and it was under $20...SCORE! During fall and Christmas I like to hang a wreath over our bed, then I just keep my fingers crossed it doesn't fall off!!
I updated our master bedroom fireplace mantel a little bit by making a new sign, again from scrap wood Hubby has in the garage. Sometimes he thinks he is a carpenter, but it works for me cause I can use the wood!
Here is a close up of the new sign with the cutest decal I found on Etsy! I just painted the wood with some leftover wall paint and placed the pumpkin spice girl decal on it, so easy and cheap!
I shared this picture earlier this week, I love this apple cider smelling candle I got, it really smells yummy!! The flowers and pumpkin are from Walmart and the table rummer is from Home Goods.
Like most seasonal decor lovers the mantel is always changing and it's so much fun! I added some pumpkins and squash in the flower basket my parents sent me, the yellow ribbon still works great for fall. I put some leaves and an artificial bouquet I got from Lakeside Collection a few years ago too. I pulled out Taylor's favorite Mickey Mouse scare crow Mom got her, he has a comfy seat on the blanket basket and put some more artificial flowers on the brick. I want to continue adding some cozy blankets and pillows around our sofa in the next coming up pay day!

With the first game only days away now I changed our American Flag to our Georgia Bulldogs flag on the front porch, GO DAWGS!!
I placed some more yellow mums on our front porch and hung up our Bulldog burlap football I got on Etsy 2 years ago, still looks great!
Mr. Scarecrow and his brother Santa came from Home Depot 2 years ago and are so cute! They both welcome guests with some beautiful flowers. This lamp was in our bedroom and I moved it outside. I hope to get some more lantern soon, I just love the glow they give off!
I added a simple pumpkin and sunflowers on the little table beside the rocking chair, for years it has kept its cinnamon smell!
I hope you enjoyed this little fall tour, I have a lot more projects I am working on and items I want to get to really fall it up! But I have really enjoyed getting everything ready so far and love seeing what others are creating in their own homes on Instagram.
"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." 
F. Scott Fitzgerald




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