Monday, September 19, 2016

Friday night with Bunch O Balloons

A few weeks ago on of my favorite bloggers, Dixie Delights makes the cutest video about how much her kids love Bunch O Balloons, after seeing her video I thought, I gotta try these!! Taylor and Daddy LOVE water balloons. They come in a big pack and are much easier to fill then the old school way of individually tieing them up by hand.
 I ordered these from Ebay for about $9. Once you open the pack they are separated into different colors. You simply place them on your outside water spigot with a bucket under them and fill them up!
 With his recent back surgery I am not sure this was the best thing for Hubby to do, having to bend over to fill these up, but he was really excited to play with Taylor.
Once they fill up the balloons fall off the sticks and are ready to be thrown!!
First toss!!
She is about to throw one at Mommy right here!
Even Nicole got in on the actions with a little balloon in the mouth!

Here is a little video of Daddy and Taylor having lots of fun!!
Its still pretty hot in the evenings in GA so after over 2 hours outside Nicole and I were ready to call it a night and cool off with our Little Ceaser's Pizza Pizza!
And Taylor was ready for her purple cupcake!!
We had tons of fun with these little balloons, I defiantly recommend them!!


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