Friday, September 9, 2016

Simple Joys & What I Wore (my brothers favorite segment!)

With temps this week in the 90's, its the perfect time to set up my Apple Cider Bar don't you think?! I got the cutest new mugs from, they have leaves, pumpkins and a fox on them!
All I can think of when I see this is the song, "What does the fox say?"
I'll post some pics next week when I get the cider bar put together, can you stand the excitement?!
Until then I wanted to share some simple joys all around this week, its the stuff that really matters,the stuff that makes me smile and laugh!
Its not often, but sometimes Taylor really wants to play with Nicole, she loves for me to put her on her bed and the roll around and giggle. And its usually me saying "Don't jump on Coco's head!"
I had to run to the bank during my lunch hour this week, yuck. But lucky for me its next to Publix. For some reason the traffic gods were helping me and I was not running late, so I decided to run into Publix and pick up their Boar's Head Cranberry Chicken Salad and Bow tie Pasta. If you have never tried this chicken salad you should, its so good! The cranberries give it a sweet flavor! I heard about from one of my favorite Marietta, GA bloggers, Rhoda on:
Her blog is one of my favorites! She has a beautiful home and is just has beautiful herself. I especially love her family dinner posts, something about it reminds me of my own Grandparents.
These are my favorite new shampoo's I picked up from Walmart, one smells like honey and the other like avocado, so good! I don't use them everyday, they are a bit thick and tend to weigh my hair down, but defiantly every other day. The honey is my favorite!! Garnier hit the jackpot on the scent!
If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw this picture, we were sad to hear about Llama Llama author Anna Dewdney, passing away at 50 years young this week. Taylor has loved her books since she became interested in reading. She said her final wish was for parents to sit down and read a book with their child. I don't do that enough but need to make a bigger effort, especially good books like this series!
I think Nicole looks so cute with her little legs in shorts and socks, I just can't get enough!!
Hubby said he was going to fix a BLT for supper. He really did take a bite out of this thing just like the picture above. I can' even....
Last weekend Mom surprised me with this fantastic smelling pretty as a peach body lotion and spray from Bath & Body Works. It smells great, I have been wearing it all week!
The girls daycare has a special breakfast for all the grandparents to celebrate Grandparents Day! They made some muffins and special art for all the great grands out there! Omma made a special trip out there on short notice and it meant so much to me. Although the trip didn't go as well as I had hoped, meaning Taylor saw Omma and assumed she was going home then got upset when Omma has to leave, it still meant a lot to me and the girls she came out. My girls have the best Grandparents ever, we love them all!!
Along with the smell good peach lotion, Mom gave me so lovely Vera Bradley perfume and lotion, it smells so great and came in the beautiful box. I don't own too much Vera Bradley so this is such a nice treat!!
I picked up this Lean Cuisine chicken flat bread sandwich for lunch, its was pretty good I must say! What was even better was the mango's Hubby cut up for me, they was some of the sweetest I have had, delicious!!
This out fit is an oldie but goodie I have worn for years! My sweet friend Teresa at work gave me a bag full of Ann Taylor cloths she no longer wore, this skirt is so pretty and hits right at my knees. I paired it with on Old Navy hunter green top, a brown belt and own necklace, and my Kmart wedges.
I got this Charming Charlie dress about 2 years ago for a wedding. I love it cause its an elastic waist! Plus the polka dots are so cute!
I hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend:
Better days are coming, they are called Saturday and Sunday!!




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