Monday, April 11, 2016

Wilderness at The Smokies

We are back from our spring break trip to Tennessee! Lots of fun was had by all, we played in the pool a lot which was great cause everything was inside, it was pretty cold for spring time up in TN! Here is a recap of our big adventure or has my Peppa Pig loving daughter would say, our holiday trip (Peppa is English) :-) Riding with little kids is always a challenge but the girls did pretty good. I get terrible motion sickness so I drove most of the way. I am not a fan of curvy mountain roads and there were a lot of them for sure! We stopped at the GA/TN border for some lunch, Papa's Pizza To Go!

I ordered a little cheese and olive pizza, yummy!
I am a big olive fan, I could eat them every day, OLIVE YOU XOXO
About 4 hours later we arrived. If you have ever visited The Great Wolf Lodge in NC, it's pretty much the same thing, just bigger. It has indoor and outdoor water slides, pool areas, water buckets, arcade, restaurant all inside. It's very kid friendly and about 15 min from Pigeon Forge, I saw Dolly Parton billboards everywhere!
We checked in and got our swimsuits on. Getting in a bathing suit 6 months after giving birth is not my ideal but it was worth it to see my girls happy :-) Hubby relaxing in the pool with Nicole, I think she is tired of all the pics!
This is my favorite picture, look at that face!! This was Taylor's first time going down on her tummy!
She did it!!!
Taylor LOVES the water, she is my little mermaid!
Relaxing in the water=perfect time for a nap!
Splashing around with Daddy
We all four at breakfast at the restaurant and it was not a disaster!! It was on all you can eat buffet, we had waffles, biscuits and gravy, fruit and sausage, YUM!
Matching swimsuits and covers from Omma Easter Bunny
I think Taylor looks like Elsa in Frozen in the pic when she is creating her ice castle!
Look at that face, totally worth that curvy mountain road

Sweet water sisters
Molly the Moose came by for a visit
Our view of the TN Mountains, beautiful!
We had great time, it was very nice to get some time off to spend with my family. See ya soon Smokies!

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  1. Creating memories your family will always remember & cherish the times!!