Friday, April 15, 2016

Great & Cheap Finds

Another busy work week is coming to the end, yeah for the weekend!! We all work so hard for the money, everyone wants to feel like they get their money's worth when purchasing something. Here are a few little things I got for little money that I love!
I got this red plate charger at Walmart for the holiday's, it was around $3 bucks and I got a set of 4. I also love looking online to see people's kitchen counter displays. I envy those who have beautiful ones. Right now in my life the counter is filled with bottles and drying racks! But I often see plates displayed and I love it. I had this frame holder from Michael's and I went onto Etsy and ordered a monogram letter P stick on. It came out to be around $10 with shipping. I stuck it onto this charger and love it!
Cheap and easy, my kind of project!
I snagged these cute flats at Walmart and really like them. I hope to pick up more color's on my next visit, but can you see the price tag?? $5.87....SCORE!!!
A few weeks ago I had the girls pictures taken with a real bunny. I love all the pictures and found this basic set of white frames at Walmart, a little more then I was hoping to spend, $20, but they came out really great. Please excuse the chocolate stains a little bunny left on the table runner :-)
I have always been a big fan of Quik Trip, they are clean and cheap! I scored this big drink for $1.00, what is even better is I like mixing my fountain drink up, this is Diet Coke with some cherry flavoring...YUM!!

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